Easy Cash Club Review – $379/Day Software?

My Easy Cash Club review dives into whether $379/day is realistic with this Clickbank software…or not?

Easy Cash Club seems to teach a unique process of using YouTube video marketing to make money online. This review will see if this is likely to work for the typical newbie or if there is an Easy Cash Club scam.

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Easy Cash Club Review

This review of Easy Cash Club can reveal that the main method used to earn an income is YouTube video marketing.

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It does not look an Easy Cash Club scam because this is a legitimate way to get traffic and earn commissions on the internet.

It is actually a strategy I use myself so I know it does work.

The way Easy Cash Club helps beginners make money with YouTube videos is to provide them with software that can create content to upload without them having to create it themselves.

So the user does not have to appear on camera or record a video themselves.

Real $379/Day With Easy Cash Club?

Easy Cash Club does seem to provide legitimate software and training, but at the same time the $379/day figure is going to be way out of reach for the typical newbie.

It takes months and even years of consistent work and trial/error before that sort of level is reached. So it is unrealistic that someone with zero experience could suddenly start using Easy Cash Club and start getting those kind of results right away.

Some of the income claims made in the testimonials seem a bit unrealistic as well. They will have picked out the very best results and success stories to highlight, but there are certainly no guarantees that the typical customer will be able to replicate that.

EasyCash.Club Website Review

Let’s do an EasyCash.Club website review to see how the layout is structured and the tactics used to try and get visitors to buy their product.

It is similar to a lot of make money online product launches such as Club Shanghai, Profit Injector, Funnel X ROI and Auto Chat Profits.

In that is has a catchy headline with income claim at the top, and then directly below that is a sales video presentation with Hollywood style production value to get visitors excited.

Below the video are a number of handpicked Easy Cash Club customer testimonials and a number of bonus offers packaged in.

There is also a text based version of the sales page that visitors can click through to view. This is good for people who prefer to read at their own pace to see what the program is all about.

It is interesting to see the layout of similar product launches as it seems this type of format converts quite well into sales.

Easy Cash Club Bonuses

In addition to the video creation software, a number of bonus products are packaged into this offer.

An interesting bonus is training on how to make money online with paid to click (PTC) websites.

Not many programs teach this and it is potentially a good way for someone to get started earning guaranteed cash by being paid to click and view advertisements online.

easy cash club review

The rate of pay is going to be very low, but it at least gives people their first taste of earning online.

Then there are additional video marketing tutorials and a set of 60 second video training modules covering lots of different online marketing strategies.

Content is also provided to help users make their own videos from scratch.

Does It Really Work?

Some people will probably make money with Easy Cash Club whilst many will not.

There are no guarantees, and I find it unlikely that the typical user will get anywhere near the $379 Per Day figure.

However, doing video marketing and monetizing those videos with affiliate products is a great way to get started in this industry.

So the strategy they teach (and provide the software for to help) seems legitimate and is likely to provide a good educational experience to the member.

I personally prefer to create my own simple screen capture videos where I record my computer screen and talk for a few minutes via audio via free software called Active Presenter. They are quick and easy to make, you don’t have to appear visually on camera, and it provides for more unique content that is less prone to being flagged for duplication.

easy cash club testimonials

As with any of these type of systems the people who get results will take massive action on the information they have learnt. When they get stuck or fail with a couple of campaigns they will keep at it until positive momentum finally builds.

But the people who do not get any results, often quit if they have not made a bunch of money after uploading a few videos. That early quitting is likely in part to be bought on by unrealistic expectations given to them by the sales page.

Summary Of Easy Cash Club Review

In summary of this review of Easy Cash Club, I like to way they try to help get people started earning an income with affiliate marketing by using video marketing on YouTube.

This is going to be a good introduction in the online business world by using a platform that has a lot of inbuilt traffic.

However, I am not convinced that the typical customer will make a bunch of money quickly with this and I would think they are better off making their own unique videos from scratch than using software.

Some people will probably do well with this who work hard, but many will quit early after uploading a video or 2 and realising it is not quite as easy as it first seemed.

In any case, thanks for reading my Easy Cash Club review.

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