Easy eCash Review – Legit Ebay Cash?

Hey, this is my Easy eCash review.

Easy eCash is a new product launch that teaches customers how to make money online by selling low cost products on eBay.

This is a method that supposedly does not require a website, a list, social media, product creation, or any form of paid advertising.

The product is presented in the form of step-by-step video training modules that you go through within the members area.

As part of my blog post about Easy eCash we will also look at the testimonials, the sales funnel OTOs, and bonus items that have been packaged together as part of this launch.

I have been working from home as a full-time affiliate marketer for 8 years now (is pretty cool!) so I hope my thoughts on this new launch will be of help to you.

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Easy eCash Review

Right, let’s get started!

The first thing as part of my Easy eCash review is to look at the main front-end product.

Easy Ecash Review
Easy Ecash Review

Easy eCash is a complete A to Z guide for making money by selling “ultra low cost” items on the eBay Marketplace.

The training modules include the following:

  • How to setup your eBay Account
  • How To Receive Payments from Customers
  • How to Source Products To Sell
  • How To Find What Will Sell Well on eBay
  • How To Create Product Listings
  • Product Case Studies
  • Additional Secret Places to Discover Hot Products to Sell

Easy eCash OTO

The Easy eCash sales funnel has a number of OTO / Upsell offers as part of it:

  1. Easy eCash OTO: Top Seller Secrets – You get to discover additional strategies that top eBay sellers use to build big businesses, quickly. This includes a shortcut to achieving top seller status, getting repeat customers, and how to find a “honey pot” secret that most other sellers are unaware of.
  2. OTO #2: Advanced eHack (Amazon to eBay) – A clever tactic that shows you how to source products on the likes of Amazon, Walmart and Target and then flip them for a profit on the Ebay Platform.
  3. Easy eCash Upsell OTO #3: Done For You Campaigns – This includes 20 carefully selected products that are currently in-demand on the marketplace. This includes training videos on how to setup the listings for maximum chances of success.
  4. Resell Rights – The final upsell is the rights to promote the Easy eCash funnel as an affiliate and earn 100% commissions on all sales made.
Easy Ecash Review
Easy Ecash Review

Easy eCash Testimonials

My Easy eCash review also looks at some of the testimonials featured on the sales page.

I like the fact that these reviews are from real people in the internet marketing space, reporting their honest feedback of the product.

There are no outlandish income claims of people claiming to make millions overnight either which is good to see!

A common theme among these testimonials for Easy eCash is how impressed they were with the step-by-step approach to the video training modules.

easy ecash testimonials
Easy Ecash Testimonials

They were saying how easy it is to follow and how it explains how to do everything without leaving anything to chance.

So for people struggling with information overwhelm in the eCommerce marketing space, this could make a refreshing change.

Easy eCash Review Summary – A Winning Product?

Easy eCash is a set of video training modules that teaches the customer how to start a business by selling ultra cheap products on Ebay.

Everything seems to be included, from sourcing the products at low prices, to creating the listings, and getting your customers to keep coming back to buy more from you in the future.

This may also make a nice change from other product launches out there because instead of having to learn how to generate your own traffic, you are tapping into the existing authority and traffic of eBay.

So what will contribute most to any success will be the ability to buy ultra cheap products to resell and to produce high quality product listings, as opposed to mastering a specific traffic strategy or technical skill.

Any how, I hope my thoughts on Easy eCash were of help to you!

I generate my full-time income on the internet with affiliate marketing and have been doing this for a good 8 years or so now.

It is a really cool way to generate time freedom from home and to build up an online business income in a somewhat residual manner.

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