Ecom Cash Crusher Review – $2,000/Day System?

Welcome to my review of Ecom Cash Crusher from the Clickbank marketplace. Does Ecom Cash Crusher actually make 2K a day?

You may have noticed Ecom Cash Crusher is being promoted quite heavily right now. Therefore I thought I would do a review on it to let you know my honest thoughts.

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Ecom Cash Crusher Review

After looking at the Ecom Cash Crusher testimonials on the website I have noticed that some of the people doing to reviews have already appeared on the sales page of other recent Clickbank product launches.

ecom cash code testimonials

I also talked about this approach in my Ecom Cash Code blog post and my review of Explode My Payday.

I therefore don’t think these are actual customers of Ecom Cash Crusher. What a lot of these products do is they go to a web site called and get paid actor voiceover artists to read from a script for the testimonials.

I never like those kind of testimonials. Now that doesn’t mean that it’s a scam. It might mean these are testimonials from other customers they’ve had emailed to them and then they’re just getting actors to act as a representation of those testimonials.

But I’m always skeptical about testimonials so I wouldn’t put too much weight on what other people’s results are. I’m more interested in what the system creators themselves are achieving with their own system and what I could learn from their strategies, than the big income claimed from so-called customers who are using the same system.

The Ecom Cash Crusher Website

Ecom Cash Crusher is your standard Clickbank sales page. They have a logo at the top and a catchy headline with a big income claim. Below is the video presentation and then the add to cart button, which displays the checkout page once you’ve entered in your name and email address.

ecom cashcrusher

A lot of sales pages with this same structure are appearing now in the e-business and marketing section on Clickbank and one the most popular type of products is ecommerce marketing training.

What You Get With Ecom Cash Crusher?

Ecom Cash Crusher teaches you ecommerce marketing, but I prefer to do affiliate marketing where I promote digital products for commissions.

Digital commissions can be as high as 50% or 75% (or 40% as is the case with 10X Secrets) and it’s a really excellent way to earn an income by just driving traffic on the internet by building your own simple websites and sending clicks to affiliate programs.

The marketing approach used in Ecom Cash Crusher is slightly different because you’re promoting physical products.

You are either creating your own simple ecommerce store where you are running a drop shipping business a bit like Shopify, but when someone buys a product from your store you don’t have to stock the item in your house.  You use a drop shipping company to send the product directly to the customer and then you just act as the middleman taking the payment from the customer and then paying the drop shipping company a lower price to send the customer the product than they paid for.


Another ecommerce marketing approach is affiliate marketing on Amazon where you simply promote Amazon products as an affiliate marketer.

With this method you create your own simple website and list several Amazon products on them with product descriptions and blog posts around those items. You then send visitors from your website on to the official sales page on the Amazon website. You will earn a commission when people buy from your link.

I’m not that keen on e-commerce affiliate marketing because the commission’s are very low at around 5% or 10% commissions. Where as digital products that are downloaded onto your computer can pay much more because there’s no overhead. There’s nothing that needs to be created and there’s nothing that needs to be posted to someone’s door.

It’s all downloaded so the vendors are prepared to pay affiliate marketers very high commissions for promoting their products, but with physical products you’re just getting a much smaller piece of the pie.

Ecommerce Marketing With Ecom Cash Crusher

What Ecom Cash Crusher is going to do is teach you ecommerce marketing in terms of how to get traffic on the internet and send that traffic to ecommerce websites listing physical products that people get sent to their door.

You’ll earn a profit in terms of the difference between the price of the product and the price you need to pay to get the item shipped to the customer from the drop shipping company.

You also get a small commission if promoting these types of products as an affiliate.

Ecom Cash Crusher – Income Claims and Review Summary

I don’t like the income claims as part of the Ecom Cash Crusher sales video. It seems very hyped-up.

I’m also skeptical about the reviews. However, there’s likely to be some useful information on how to build simple websites and get traffic to promote ecommerce products on the internet.

But I prefer to do digital marketing promoting digital products for much higher commission’s.

It’s all about focusing your mind like a laser on doing marketing whether that be video marketing, blogging, article marketing, email marketing or social media … just focus your mind on using all these different strategies and sending traffic to your website, building your email list, and diverting leads to a sales page of a very high converting affiliate marketing product that is digitally downloadable.

I use this exact process with my affiliate marketing and I’ve been earning a full time income for a number of years now.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings on Ecom Cash Crusher!

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