eCourse Agency – Yes or No?

eCourse Agency is a new product launch on the JVZoo marketplace that offers a way to convert resale rights PLR ebook style text content into video courses that you can then sell as your own product. This product is making the course creation process as simple as possible for users by letting them create their video training courses from existing content that exists out there with ebooks and PLR content that they can purchase and use as-is.

eCourse Agency Training Modules

The eCourse Agency offers a professional members area where users can access different training modules through links on the left-hand side of the page. The training includes video training and downloadable PDF versions with images as well, depending on how users like to learn. The main product offering is the private label rights content which is displayed within the members area. This content includes a load of ebooks and articles that users can use to convert to video training courses. Additionally, the eCourse Agency provides software that helps users take the text from these PLR ebooks and create professional slideshow-style video presentations, which is a different alternative way of delivering content.

Templates for eCourse Agency Website Creation

Another added advantage of eCourse Agency is that it comes with templates that users can use to create their entire sales funnel. This makes the product a complete system that is really cool to see, and it saves users a lot of time in the process.

Impressive Video Course Creation

The bulk of the program is the video course. Users can download standard PLR ebooks from the eCourse Agency members’ area, which are nothing revolutionary or amazing, but they could be a good starting point to create an initial load ticket lead magnet or a seven-dollar product as the front end of their sales funnel. However, the most impressive thing about eCourse Agency is not necessarily the ebook content itself, but the way it can convert text into these high-quality style slideshow video presentations.

The software enables users to copy and paste the text from the ebook or even use a blog post they have online or some other text they have on the internet. The software then creates these professional high-quality video slideshows with animated text, bolded text, different colors, and even background music. The eCourse Agency also enables users to add AI voiceovers, which is not going to sound like a proper human being, but it is not robotic either.

Best Practices for Optimal Use of eCourse Agency

While the AI voiceovers are useful, the best way to use this type of software is to have high-quality content in text form in the first place. It is not recommended to take PLR content from an ebook and copy and paste it into the software to create a video course. It is better to have already manually created an ebook or have other professional blog posts online and then convert them to text. Doing so will result in a better quality video course that is worth selling for more money.

eCourse Agency Conclusion

Overall, eCourse Agency is a product worth checking out. It is an excellent way to upgrade PLR content that users can purchase to a high-quality medium that they can then sell as their course. It is also a great way to convert text into high-quality videos, which is a professional video marketing approach. Users can take advantage of the eCourse Agency to create their own courses quickly and efficiently.

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