EmpowerLife Review – Legit Affiliate Program?

Hey, my EmpowerLife review looks at the affiliate program for this new online business opportunity.

One of the main hooks on EmpowerLife is the ability to recruit without doing any work. This is the same for LiveGood and My Traffic Powerline. But is it a legit affiliate program to promote with real products that work? Or just an EmpowerLife scam that is not worth your time?

EmpowerLife Review

EmpowerLife is an online business opportunity that shares similarities with the successful LiveGood venture, which has been thriving for several months. Currently, it’s one of the most talked-about network marketing companies online. LiveGood’s remarkable success in promoting and selling its products has prompted other companies to adopt a similar business model.

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One of the main selling points of EmpowerLife and LiveGood is the ability to earn commissions without the need to recruit others into the company. While some may approach this claim skeptically, it appeals to newcomers in the marketing world. Unlike some companies that primarily sell the marketing system itself, LiveGood focuses on selling real retail products, particularly health supplements.

However, the concept of earning income by doing nothing while others put in effort isn’t universally appreciated. A new business called My Traffic Powerline follows a similar approach, where recruiting or referring members is not required. Instead, as the company grows, you receive pass-up commissions from your downline in a somewhat hands-off manner.

EmpowerLife is another business inspired by the LiveGood model and the buzz surrounding it. It capitalizes on the same style of business model. People who already have substantial LiveGood downlines or those experiencing a slowdown in LiveGood may consider EmpowerLife as a fresh opportunity.

EmpowerLife Review – The Products

EmpowerLife differentiates itself by focusing on digital marketing training, cryptocurrency training, and education related to e-commerce, digital marketing, and AI technology. Their product offerings include:

  1. Digital Marketing Training: Courses to enhance your digital marketing skills.
  2. Cryptocurrency Training: Education on cryptocurrency trading.
  3. AI Technology Training: Learn to use AI tools like Chat GPT for marketing purposes.
  4. Discounted Travel Portal: Access to a portal offering travel discounts.
  5. Digital Shop: Purchase digital products from various vendors, including marketing services.

You can earn commissions by referring others to the digital shop and travel portal, essentially creating additional income streams within the membership. EmpowerLife also offers weekly live calls where you can receive marketing tips and advice from top earners and leadership within the company.

All of these benefits are available for a subscription fee of just ten dollars a month. EmpowerLife provides a platform that combines education, digital products, and networking opportunities for individuals looking to explore the world of online business and marketing.

EmpowerLife Compensation Plan

EmpowerLife operates on a Matrix-style Compensation Plan. To get started, you pay a one-time fee of ten dollars, followed by a monthly subscription of the same amount. Initially, you receive a 100% commission on your first ten-dollar payment, while subsequent monthly commissions are relatively small, often just one dollar from your referrals.

The real potential for earning comes from the monthly commissions, which include pass-up Matrix-style commissions. However, to tap into these commissions, you’ll need to build a substantial downline by referring many people or being part of a well-duplicating downline.

Most of your earnings initially come from the fast start bonus, where you receive 100% commissions from the first month. Afterward, your income heavily depends on your ability to expand your downline and benefit from lower percentage commissions passed up to you from the company and your downline’s collective efforts.

While the products offered by EmpowerLife may seem interesting, it’s crucial to understand that many such business opportunities tend to emphasize recruiting and promoting the affiliate program. This means that most participants may not pay significant attention to the products, as their primary focus lies in building and profiting from the compensation plan.

If someone markets this opportunity as a way to earn without recruiting, exercise caution. It’s generally wiser to rely on your individual efforts. Based on my experience of over a decade in affiliate marketing and promoting online business opportunities, especially in structures like downlines, nearly 100% of your earnings initially come from your own efforts. Avoid relying on others to duplicate or expecting pass-up commissions from your downline right away.

Instead, concentrate on self-development, marketing, lead generation, and building your own traffic and email list. Establish yourself as an independent affiliate or distributor. Over time, you may find individuals who take the opportunity seriously and start duplicating your efforts, but this shouldn’t be your initial expectation.

EmpowerLife Review – Sales Funnel Tips

If you decide to join such opportunities, seek a sponsor who employs a lead generation-style funnel or creates their own sales funnel for promotion. This approach tends to be more effective than using the company’s provided materials. Top leaders often create engaging sales funnels, offer bonuses, and share codes to attract potential recruits. Look for a sponsor who can provide such additional sales funnels for EmpowerLife promotion rather than relying solely on the company’s standard pages, as a well-designed funnel can significantly boost your conversion rates.

I’m somewhat skeptical about these online business opportunities because some individuals become overly fixated on promoting them as their primary offer. When such opportunities become saturated or less effective, people find themselves constantly jumping from one opportunity to another. In my view, it’s more prudent to concentrate on building your email list and generating traffic in a more general sense within the internet marketing, work-from-home, and home business industry.

By creating your own squeeze pages and gathering subscribers, you gain the flexibility to redirect and change your offer based on what’s performing the best and delivering high-quality training and systems to your audience. This approach ensures adaptability rather than being tethered to the promotion of a single product as the core of your business.

For instance, my website is named Web Traffic Toolkit because I prioritize traffic and list building first. When you can consistently send clicks from your list, you can promote anything you desire, rather than being confined to a single opportunity. This flexibility is essential to consider when evaluating EmpowerLife and similar network marketing-style companies.

Summary of EmpowerLife Review

I hope my thoughts on EmpowerLife and this business model have been helpful. If you’re interested in learning how I generate a full-time online income through traffic generation, list building, and affiliate marketing, you can click the link below in the video description. It leads to my top recommended online system, a complete done-for-you system that offers an excellent way to start building your email list and receiving consistent clicks, along with potential income from affiliate marketing systems.

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