EndGame 2.0 Review – Yes or No?

EndGame 2.0 is a revamped version of an existing product that takes you through a step-by-step internet marketing strategy of list building by promoting affiliate offers. The product also includes new content on how to take your low ticket customers up into purchasing a high ticket product, as well as social media marketing and Facebook group strategies.

As a digital marketer for over 10 years, I have generated a full-time income on the internet by driving traffic to a squeeze page and building my email list. This approach has worked for me over the years, and that’s why I like EndGame 2.0. It focuses on the traffic generation and list building approach, which is a simple process that can generate realistic online income.

The sales page for EndGame 2.0 is similar to some other Warrior plus launches, where they don’t give too much away about the product. They have laid out three simple steps of how the system works in terms of identifying an offer to promote, getting buyer traffic to that offer, and then relaxing, watching the commissions come in, and rinsing and repeating.

One thing I like about EndGame 2.0 is that they have real testimonials from real clients they have worked with in the past. I’m always suspicious of Warrior plus launches that already have 5-star testimonials uploaded onto them when it’s a new product, and people haven’t got a chance to use it. The realistic and down-to-earth approach they use with their testimonials on the sales page is refreshing.

The strategy behind EndGame 2.0 is list building with affiliate marketing. You’re learning how to buy paid traffic, send it to a squeeze page, build an email list, and try to break even as quickly as possible with that paid traffic. Some of the tricks and strategies they use to try and break even as quickly as possible include using a bridge page or a pre-sale page. A bridge page is a simple video snippet, a couple of bullet points, and a couple of testimonials, just to warm up the traffic before they click to the affiliate link. This can help significantly boost conversion rates of new subscribers opting into your list for the very first time on paid traffic.

Another aspect of the strategy is to purchase license rights to various products you want to promote. On Warrior plus, they often have one-time offers where you can buy license rights and bump your commissions from 50% default commissions to 80% or sometimes all the way up to 100% commissions. It’s the combination of bumping your commissions by purchasing license rights and using a bridge page that is behind these strategies.

Finally, on the back end of the training of End Game 2.0, they teach you how to take a low ticket customer that has come through your funnel and guide them through a process of upgrading to a high ticket client. It’s that high ticket approach of supplementing your list building, your low ticket, and mid-ticket sales with high ticket commissions that sets EndGame 2.0 apart from other similar products.

In conclusion, EndGame 2.0 is a comprehensive internet marketing strategy for list building and high ticket sales. The step-by-step approach of laddering people through a process to get them to the point where they’re comfortable spending high ticket commissions with you is unique and valuable. If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to generate online income, EndGame 2.0 is worth checking out.