Explosivo Review – Bonus and Instagram Secret

Explosivo is a super simple Instagram tactic. I have a mega bonus package as part of this real user Explosivo review!


As I dive into my review of Explosivo I will talk about the secret strategy used to get the traffic and make the money.

And then I will let you know about the free Explosivo bonus offers I have for you if you make the purchase via my link.

And just to confirm that I have purchased this product myself and have gone through all the training so this is all from real first hand experience.

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Explosivo Review

Explosivo uses a simple Instagram strategy to get cheap traffic and then to convert that traffic into leads and big affiliate commissions.

I have gone through all the training and it is presented in a very easy to follow and step by step manner.

So you simply just copy along by following the example.

I was also happy to see that you don’t need your own Instagram account yet and you don’t need to do it as though it is from you own personal account.

You will learn how to buy existing accounts for cheap and you are using stock images and footage for the ads and not your own personal photos.

Explosivo Sales Page Tactics

As part of my Explosivo review I will quickly talk about their sales page, which does not actually give much away about how their system works!

That is the case with many of these new Warrior Plus launches.

The reason is that they like to keep the sales pages as vague and generic as possible to build excitement and to get people to buy to discover what their “secret” to making the money was.

They do this because 1) it converts better to sales and 2) they don’t want to give away too much about a very powerful strategy for free and 3) many newbies may talk themselves out of giving it a go if they knew to much specifics about the strategy before hand.

But when you get into the members area you will discover that the “secret” is about some clever tactics for cheap and quick Instagram traffic.

It is very cool!

Explosivo Members Area

Explosivo has a very simple members area that simply consists of 16 training videos embedded onto the page one below the other.

Each video is about 3 to 9 minutes in length and it is relatively quick to go through the entire course.

It is done in a very step-by-step manner and you simply look over their shoulder at how it is done so you can copy along for your own campaigns.

There are some really interesting resources and service providers given to make this really easy to put into action.

It would be nice to have some simple bullet point text instructions below each video just to make it easier to refer back to specific points and instructions.

But overall I was very impressed with how newbie friendly and clever this system is.

Explosivo Bonus Package

My Explosivo bonus package is pretty cool!

When you grab hold of the new launch discount via my link I will give you the following free Explosivo bonuses.

Bonus #1 – Zero to $100 in 24 Hours: this is a paid product that you get for 100% free. This details a case study for how they gave someone a challenge to start from complete scratch (no product, list, digital assets etc.) and to generate $100 in just 1 day. It was successful! And you get to copy along.

Bonus #2 – El Bandito: Another paid members area that I have the rights to give away as a free bonus. You discover a simple tweak that generate $419 in one day with one hour of work. Another case study to copy along.

Bonus #3 – The Secret Weapon: my 3rd Explosivo bonus is about how they discovered a secret tactic for taking newbies past the 10K/Month income milestone and how they took their own campaigns to 50K/month. Some very powerful strategies in this one.

Bonus #4 – Top Secret Money Method: my own custom members area for how to plug-in to “done for you” systems and “Push button” traffic sources for more immediate results in your online business. Great to get beginners started in a much more quick and easy manner.

Summary of my Explosivo Review

OK, let us wrap up my review of Explosivo.

I purchased the product myself and was impressed by the step-by-step nature of the training.

There are 16 easy to follow along training videos.

I would advise watching them through once to learn the system and then to refer back to them a second time when implementing the strategy for yourself. That way you can copy along.

The strategy is very simple and involves some cool hacks for getting lots of Instagram traffic on the cheap.

To improve the product I would like to see some text based instructions to accompany the videos. That would make it easier to refer back to the key points at a later time.

All in all I think Bill Hugall and the team have delivered the goods with yet another super simple and genuinely newbie friendly method that can be put into action right away.

Be sure to grab my Explosivo bonus package via the page below as well. Thanks for stopping by!

Here is the link to my bonus package: Grab Explosivo New-Launch Discount and My Mega Bonuses!