Fearless Momma (2019) Review – Is Version 2.0 Legit?

My Fearless Momma review (2019) will see if you can make real $250 commissions with the Fearless Momma 2.0 compensation plan.

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Fearless Momma Review

Fearless Momma 2.0 is an MLM business opportunity that pays 100% commissions to the tune of $250 per sale. This review will see if you can really get results with this or if it is just lots of hype.

fearless momma 2.0 system

It is an online business opportunity that gives you a complete sales funnel along with products to consume as a customer and to resell as an affiliate.

The $250 Fearless Momma entry fee covers both the cost of the products and resell rights to promote the same system yourself and earn 100% commissions.

It does look like a legitimate opportunity because you get real products in the form of video training modules. They do look like they are high quality and will benefit people even if they were unsuccessful at reselling it as part of the business side of things.

Fearless Momma Products

The Fearless Momma 2.0 products include a combination of personal development training and internet marketing strategies.

I also recently did an Ecom Cash Crusher review which was an online ecommerce training program.

These training modules are provided as videos that you watch as part of your Fearless Momma members area.

It is good to see personal development being a big part of their product.

It is all very well learning the various internet marketing strategies for getting traffic, leads and sales.

But without a solid foundation with a strong mindset even the best marketing training can struggle.

That is because pretty much everyone in this industry experiences setbacks, failure and things they are not sure about. So without that personal development mindset, you will probably quit as you go through the struggles rather than persevering and growing through them.

Fearless Momma Internet Marketing Training

And then the Fearless Momma internet marketing training teaches you how to promote any business or product online.

This training includes social media, email marketing and more.

It is all about going through the main ways of generating traffic and sales online and then picking 1 or 2 of those strategies to focus on.

It will stand the customer in good stead to learn how to capture daily leads online with these traffic methods. This traffic can then be used to promote The Fearless Momma 2.0 business opportunity itself or any other products or services on the internet.

fearless momma 2019

They also provide training on how to convert the leads into sales with conversion tactics.

It is easy to buy solo ads email traffic and get a ton of quick leads. But it is much harder to convert that “cold” traffic into sales because they do not know who you are.

They will therefore show you how to connect with your leads, develop trust & relationships, and to close the sale for your opportunities and products.

System and Sales Funnel With The Fearless Momma 2.0

As part of this Fearless Momma 2.0 review it is also important to highlight that you get to use the exact same sales funnel (that you went through as a prospect to promote yourself) as a marketer once you join.

This is positive because you don’t have to learn the technical skills necessary to set up something like that for yourself. And the system they have in place will be tested so they know it does a pretty good job of converting leads to sales.

It is negative, however, in the sense that lots of other affiliates will also be promoting the same sales funnel for the same opportunity so it could potentially get saturated after a while.

The Fearless Momma (2019) Sales Funnel

The way the sales funnel works is that you get a lead capture page so that you can build an email list of prospects as a result of your marketing. That way you can follow-up with your leads and get them to buy at a later date if they did not do so at first exposure to the sales page.

the fearless momma

And then there is a “bridge page” otherwise known as a “presell page” that acts as the go between from the lead capture page and the sales page.

The aim of this presell content is to “warm up” the prospects by showing them some proof of success with the system and building a bit of rapport before the directing them to the sales page where they are invited to make the purchase.

The Fearless Momma Compensation Plan

Let us know look at the Fearless Momma Compensation plan for 2019.

It is pretty simple in that it pays 100% commissions directly to your sponsor.

The price of the product/opportunity is $250 all of that goes to the person who referred you and not the company itself. It seems that the company makes its money from the admin fees and upgrades on the backend rather than this front end offer.

The payment is made via Stripe which is a credit card processing company. New affiliates of the Fearless Momma 2.0 system will need to create their own account with Stripe in order to be able to receive payments.

There is then a high ticket upsell sequence on the backend with a company called Six Figure Empire. The cost of these upgrades are between $1,000 to $5,000.

So this means that there is the chance to earn big ticket commissions with this business opportunity as a result of encouraging your members to upgrade.

High ticket business opportunities are not for everyone, but this MLM has that aspect to it for those that like the big one-off paydays.

I personally prefer consistent low to mid ticket sales rather than the occasional big commission.

Does It Really Work?

Some people are going to do really well with The Fearless Momma 2.0 whilst others will struggle.

It all comes down to traffic really.

Those members that generate lots of consistent traffic, and get daily leads arriving in their autoresponder account, are going to get consistent $250 commissions.

It is all about getting eyeballs on that sales page via your unique affiliate link. People who do that will stand a good chance of success even if they are brand new.

But there is going to be a learning curve associated with internet marketing and getting used to the different forms of promotion and getting leads.

It might take a newbie a bit of time to become comfortable with online marketing and thus getting to the stage of generating daily leads.

Experienced entrepreneurs who already have a big list, however, will most probably find it quick and easy to make sales as they will just send a few broadcast emails to their subscribers.

If lots of top marketers with big email lists all jump on and start promoting then there is always the risk Fearless Momma could become saturated in the marketplace and thus become harder for beginners to generate sales with.

Summary Of The Fearless Momma Review

In summary of this review of The Fearless Momma 2.0, it looks like a legitimate business opportunity to get involved with.

Members get personal development and marketing training products to use for themselves and also to promote as an affiliate.

It has high ticket upgrades which is not for everyone, and the process of promoting an MLM opportunity as a network marketing style sponsor may not be to everyone’s taste either.

Anyhow, thanks for reading my Fearless Momma review.

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