Funnel Genie Review – COD Leads Checks?

Funnel Genie Review – hey, can you make legit money with this free trial or is it a COD Leads Funnel Genie scam?

As part of this Funnel Genie review, we will look at how this offer works and whether the typical newbie is likely to be able to get good results with this.

I work from home as a full-time digital marketer which is a really cool and flexible way to generate an income, so I hope my thoughts will be of help.

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Funnel Genie Review – How It Works?

In this review of Funnel Genie COD Leads offer, let us first talk about how it works.

First of all, I do not think that Funnel Genie is a scam. It certainly looks like they have packed a lot of value and features into this software.

funnel genie review

Funnel Genie is basically a software service that is a bit like Clickfunnels, but is focused in on the dropshipping industry.

So you can make your own sales funnels for dropshipping products with their service or you can use the “done for you” funnels that are available.

The particular Funnel Genie COD Templates and leads sales page is focused on highlighting the fact that you can make money by referring others to these offers and generating a new lead.

Funnel Genie – Affiliate Marketing Approach

In this Funnel Genie review I can point out that this looks to be an exciting mix between dropshipping, affiliate marketing and lead generation.

So even if you are a newbie and don’t want to sell these products yourself, you can generate leads for other vendors and get paid for that.

That way you do not even need to make a sale to generate a profit as you are simply generating leads where people enter in their email address and perhaps a few other details for more information on the product.

This is a great way to get started in the make money online world, and Funnel genie seems to have a whole bunch of training packaged together with the software for those that get involved.

Funnel Genie Scam or Legit – CPA Offers

I don’t think there is a funnel Genie scam as you get access to a software and lots of training in the internet marketing and dropshipping arena.

And unlike a lot of other business opportunity offers out there today, this sales page is not full of hype.

They do not have fake Funnel Genie testimonials or outlandish income claims on the page and the sales video is just a simple cartoon explainer video of a few minutes.

I must admit that they are a bit vague on the sales page about how everything works and it is a fairly generic biz opp sales page.

But with the Funnel Genie free trial offer people can use the product for 100% zero-cost to see if they like it before continuing at full price of $97.97/month.

Funnel Genie Review Summary – Yes or No?

In summary of my Funnel Genie review, this is a service as a software app like Clickfunnels but with a focus on starting your own dropshipping business.

For those more experienced you can great entire sales funnels from scratch, complete with payment processors, upsell and downsell sequences etc.

For for newbies, you can use the “done for you” Funnel Genie templates and also learn how to make money with the Funnel Genie COD Lead Generation approach of CPA affiliate marketing.

In either case, it is available for a free trial so that seems to indicate they are happy to let people get access to the inside at zero-cost so that they can prove that their service does deliver the goods.

Thanks for stopping by my blog post about Funnel Genie.

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