Funnel X ROI (2020) Review – $300/Day System?

My review of Funnel X ROI (2020) takes a look at whether this system makes $300/day or if it is just an MLM scam?

Inside this Funnel X ROI review (2020) we will take a look inside the members area and how the system setup works and which online business opportunities make up the various income streams.

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Funnel X ROI Review

Funnel X ROI (2019) is an online MLM style business opportunity created by David Dekkel. This review was created because it is one of the “hottest” business opportunities in the marketplace right now so I thought I should share my thoughts on it.

I have done recent reviews as well on other launches including the following: Auto Chat Profits, Fearless Momma and Ecom Cash Crusher.

funnel x roi

When I mean “hottest” I simply mean that the Funnel X ROI system is the main offer that top leaders in the online network marketing/MLM industry have jumped onto and are promoting right now.

This in turn helps it go viral because the new members of the program then go and promote the same offer as affiliate themselves and it can then get seen all over the place. Potentially getting a bit saturated in the process.

Funnel X ROI System – Multiple Streams Of Income

Funnel X ROI works by letting members earn multiple streams of income as an affiliate marketer by just promoting just 1 affiliate link.

So when you go through the Funnel X ROI system yourself as a customer, you will be invited to join several different online business opportunities (or “income streams”).

If you want to qualify to make money by promoting these income streams yourself then you first need to join them as a paying customer in order to get your affiliate link.

funnel x roi system

And then you grab your affiliate links from the various different programs that you join and plug those IDs into the Funnel X ROI system. That way the system is then setup to credit you as the affiliate for referring others to those programs as they join by going through the same sales funnel setup process.

The advantage of this is that you just have to focus on promoting 1 link as an affiliate marketer, yet there are multiple ways to get paid from the various programs that your leads will be invited to join on the backend. This is also the case with the 5K Formula funnel (that I also reviewed) with their upsell sequence.

The disadvantage is that you are acting like a network marketing/MLM sponsor which is not for everyone. And the fact everyone is all promoting the same sales pages can cause the offer to get saturated in the biz opp marketplace.

Easy 1UP – Funnel X ROI Income Stream #1

In this Funnel X ROI review it is worth mentioning that the system is setup in such a way that they can easily swap in and out the business opportunities that are promoted on the backend.

funnel x roi easy 1 up

This is good because it offers flexibility to include the current highest converting and highest paying programs on the inside.

However, it does seem that they have been pretty stable and consistent on the front end offer of the system and that is Easy 1 Up.

Easy 1UP is the very first company that new referrals are invited to join as they start going through the Funnel X ROI sign-up process.

It is an MLM/direct sales business opportunity where the customers pay the bulk of the product cost directly to the referring affiliate. So it looks like you need to sign-up for your own payment processing mechanism such as Stripe, Paypal or your own merchant account to be able to accept payments.

The Easy 1UP company makes money from a separate admin fee that members have to pay to join rather than the actual product sale itself.

The advantage of getting the money paid directly is that you can quickly re-invest it back into your business or spend it as you see fit.

The disadvantage is that any refunds or chargebacks will come out of your own account and not that of the company.

The products for Easy 1Up are a combination of internet marketing/home based business training courses as well as personal development and general financial education. So is good to see there are actual products of value associated with the cost of joining the program.

The Other Funnel X ROI Income Streams

Funnel X ROI has other income streams on the backend.

The exact offers that are included as part of the sales funnel sign-up process may change over time, but I will talk about the current ones at the time of writing.

After signing-up to Easy 1UP, there are a number of optional offers to pay and sign-up for in order to qualify for resell rights.

A health and fitness MLM called Now Lifestyle used to be one of the programs but having just gone into the members area I see that this seems to have been replaced by some sort of Funnel X ROI company in-house reseller licenses that you can purchase.

They have their own pay per lead program (where you make money by referring free leads to the system) as well as Funnel X ROI reseller licenses.

There are also tracking tools and the AWeber autoresponder service to sign-up to and use to help in your marketing.

And at the backend they have a new program called Advertising Boost. This is a company that lets you offer discounted (or free) luxury holiday packages as a bonus incentive for people signing-up and joining you in a business opportunity at a certain level of investment that you decide is profitable for you.

And at the very end there is the Udimi solo ads traffic program.

Getting Traffic To Promote Funnel X ROI?

I like the way they encourage new members to instantly get out there and start getting traffic for their new Funnel X ROI system by buying solo ads via the Udimi platform.

Udimi has a range of different solo ads sellers. These are internet marketers with their own big email list and they will send you a guarantee number of clicks to your Funnel X ROI affiliate link from their existing subscriber base.

funnel x roi traffic

You can also earn commissions as an affiliate of Udimi. When your own referalls go on to buy their own traffic from that website then you earn a small percentage of each order.

Email solo ads traffic does not convert into sales as easy as more personal approaches such as social media, video marketing, or blogging. Therefore it is a good idea to try and personally connect and build relationships with your new subscribers as much as possible.

However, many people struggle to get results with systems like this because they never take action and start getting eyeballs onto their sales page. Just buying some solo ads is a good way to get things moving for newbies and to help with duplication.

Funnel X ROI Review Summary

In summary of this Funnel X ROI review for 2019, it does not look like a scam, but a legitimate online business opportunity where you can promote multiple streams of income via 1 affiliate link.

There are advantages and disadvantages to how this works.

The advantage is that you get your own sales funnel system up and running to become a focus in your online business to start driving traffic to, building and email list and an income. You also learn traffic generation skills on the inside.

The disadvantage is that you need to pay to join the programs first in order to qualify for resell rights. And your referrals will then be promoting the exact same system you referred them to so if lots of big dogs jump on this opportunity all at once it could get saturated.

But all in all, it looks like a solid system to plug-in to in order to get up and running and promoting multiple quality affiliate programs as an internet marketer.

Thanks for taking a look at my review of Funnel X ROI.

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