Generic Network Marketing Training That Works

Generic Network Marketing Training needs to include modern internet marketing strategies:

Social Media – You can completely bypass the search engines by taking your blog post and submitting it in a number of relevant Facebook Groups and posting the link on Twitter. You will get direct targeted traffic this way without having to do any SEO. For these social media posts it is a good idea if you make your content interesting with some videos and photos to encourage people to want to share the content.

Direct Sales Funnel – A sales funnel is where the real money is made in this business. The best direct sales home based business opportunities will give you one to plug into. What you want is a lower cost front end product that converts really well so that you can break even on paid advertising and essentially get direct sales business opportunity seeker leads for free. Then you need a sales funnel in place to profit from this marketing. This should include high ticket products to promote to buyers who purchase the lower cost products. This will boost your average lifetime value per customer and enable you to scale your business with more marketing.

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Press Releases – An online press release gets into Google News and tends to get instant traffic. Google News is different to the main Google search and has much lower competition, so a well written press release tends to get instant free web traffic. A press release will also get syndicated on other websites for traffic directly from those sites.

Turnkey Home Based Business Opportunities – What slows people down in home based internet businesses is that they try and setup their own websites, sales funnels, graphics etc. But if you just use a turnkey internet business system then you are ready to go out of the box. All you do is go out their and do internet marketing strategies to send traffic into the system. It is all about getting traffic and leads to make a business opportunity work for fast and easy money online in 2013. So save all the technical complexities to the experts and just “Plug In” for fast success.