Genuine Internet Business Opportunities 2019

Genuine Internet Business Opportunities 2019 – how to find REAL online businesses that WORK?

I use the following system as part of my genuine internet business opportunity promotions.

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Stock Photos – Stock photos certainly does not mean an internet business opportunity is not genuine but I am always more wearing of companies that do not have pictures of the actual owners and actual marketers of the company on their homepage and instead have generic stock photos of models and actors with fake smiles. Is there a reason why these people have publically chosen not to reveal their identity?

Expected Income – When you look to join genuine internet business opportunities online you are likely to be doing so because you want to earn more money and work less. Not the other way around! Have a look at the income disclosure for the business that you join to see the amounts that others are making with the company. Usually with these sort of things there will be quite a few people not taking action and not getting results, but if there is a wide spread of different people (not just one or two) earning an excellent living wage then the signs are good.

Downsell – This is a technique to help make money from people who say no to your genuine internet business opportunity at the first look. For the people who say “no” you can still try and squeeze money out of them by presenting a completely different offer as they exit or by reducing the price. But if you reduce the price make sure you reduce what they get as well so you are not short changing the people who purchased at full price. For example, you might sell an ebook with PLR and MRR rights for $9.95, but on the downsell you can sell the book without those resell rights for just $4.95.

Online Business Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start an online business from home. This is because all you need to do is send traffic to that offer. All the complicated stuff such as product creation, sales copy, merchant accounts, customer support, graphic design etc is already taken care of for you. You just send traffic and get commissions. It amazes me how many beginners try to set all of this stuff up for themself right out of the gate

How To Get Free Internet Business Opportunity Leads – I think it is important to leverage the power of free traffic generation methods to get internet business opportunity leads on auto pilot. Article marketing, blogging and video marketing when combined with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods is how you get free traffic and MLM leads. It is a long term strategy but with regular blog post and article writing, over time you will have hundreds of pieces of content out there on the internet that are all generating free leads for your business. As a result Search Engine Optimization for free Google traffic should be part of all MLM training guides.

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