Get Paid With George Review (Another Clickfunnels System)

My review of Get Paid With George Wickens looks at yet another Clickfunnels system. What are the pros/cons of the funnel?

Within my Get Paid With George review I will delve into how this Clickfunnels sales process works, step-by-step, and whether it is a good program worth getting involved in or not.

I work from home as a full-time internet marketer and have been doing so for quite a few years.

With viral systems like this lots of people are all promoting the same pages and you may have got several emails about this.

So thought I would put up a quick blog post to let you know what my initial thoughts are.

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Get Paid With George Review

Get Paid With George Wickens is a free system built around the Clickfunnels affiliate program. This review will look at how Clickfunnels works and how it is integrated into this particular system.

get paid with george

Whilst Get Paid With George is free, Clickfunnels has a price of $97/month.

There is also a $297/month level for more advanced features.

But the higher package is not going to be necessary for the typical work from home internet marketer and is more suitable to existing, successful business owners with their own products that they are selling.

In any case, Clickfunnels is a software tool that lets you create your own landing pages and sales funnels.

This is essential for any affiliate marketer as you need a simple process to send your visitors to where you capture their email address (to build an email list) and go through the steps to sell them on an offer you are promoting.

So as a user of this system you get both an important tool to use in your digital marketing ventures, but you also have the ability to promote the Get Paid With George system yourself for recurring commissions.

This is actually very similar to the way the Partner With Anthony program works, which I reviewed in another blog post.

Get Paid With George Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

As part of this Get Paid With George review, I shall talk a bit about the Clickfunnels affiliate program.

This pays you 40% commissions on any product sales you make.

So that means there is good potential for building up residual income if you get lots of people signed-up to use the Clickfunnels system.

Also, they have a range of other products for sale including higher ticket training programs.

The affiliate program hard codes the customers to you so that you are also credited for any other products they purchase from the company at a later date.

I also like the fact that there is a free trial for the Clickfunnels service and that helps get people through the front door.

So the aim is to use the funnel and promote it online to try and consistently trigger those Clickfunnels free trials and build up your recurring commissions over time.

Get Paid With George Review – Pros & Cons

Get Paid With George has a number of cool features and I will touch upon a few of these right now. I will also talk about potential disadvantages of using this type of system.

Get Paid With George Pros

  • Become a customer of a useful product (Clickfunnels) that you can use to build your own landing pages and sales funnels.
  • Get to use the “Share A Funnel” functionality to clone George Wickens exact funnel so you can promote the system yourself in order to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate marketer.
  • Lucrative affiliate program – 40% commissions on a $97/month product, plus lifetime cookie tracking.
  • Free Membership site access to learn additional strategies (mainly Facebook marketing) to promote your new funnel.
  • Can start building your own email list as you start driving traffic to your new squeeze page.

Get Paid With George Cons

  • Clickfunnels costs $97/month which is quite expensive. You could save a lot of money by learning some basic HTML yourself (and tweaking existing free templates) or using WordPress landing page builders such as InstaBuilder which can cost nearer $97 One-Time (or per year for updates), not per month.
  • You are promoting the exact same sales funnel as lots of other affiliate marketers so it could potentially get saturated after a while
  • It is a business opportunity built around Clickfunnels, so the lifetime customer value per referral is likely to be less than if you were to sign-up someone who wants to build funnels for their existing business as compared to a generic biz opp seeker who may quit early on.
  • Buying solo ads is the main traffic strategy covered. This is a great way to start building your list quickly, but can be hard to convert this type of traffic into sales right away. Also check out the free Facebook training strategies inside his members area.

Summary Of Get Paid With George Review

OK, I will do a quick summary to wrap up this review of Get Paid With George.

All in all it looks like a legitimate system that helps you promote the Clickfunnels affiliate program to work at building monthly residual income with that product.

You also get to clone the exact sales funnel George Wickens has been using to promote Clickfunnels in order to use it for yourself.

Plus, as a customer of Clickfunnels you can use the software to create additional landing pages and sales process for yourself to promote other products & services online.

The main way they start you promoting your funnel is with solo ads. This is a good way to start getting your first subscribers coming in, but many of these solo ads vendors are going to be members of the system themselves so you could actually be competing with the people you are buying traffic from!

It is a good idea to learn additional free traffic generation strategies such as Facebook Marketing (covered in the free training area as part of this) and by starting your own blog and YouTube channel.

It are your own unique promotional methods that tend to get the best results in the long run as compared to just buying clicks from a source that someone refers you to via their affiliate link.

In any case, I hope my opinions on the Get Paid With George sales funnel were of help!

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