The Great Heist Review – Club Heist Blueprint Scam?

Newly launched The Great Heist Review – legit messenger system and blueprint or just a Club Heist Scam?

The Great Heist Review

The Great Heist Review – New Clickbank System

In this review of The Great Heist messenger system and Club Heist Blueprint we will see if it is a legitimate Clickbank money making program or if it is a scam worth giving a miss.

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The Great Heist Review – Club Heist Blueprints?

In this The Great Heist review it is worth first mentioning that it is slightly confusing at what this system is called!

In the sales video presentation he refers to it as “The Great Heist” system and then on the checkout page it refers to the “Club Heist” blueprint.

It does seem that The Great Heist is the main name of this product, but they then throw in the Club Heist blueprint with the purchase for good measure.

Either way, this is a training product that teaches you how to make money online with messenger marketing.

It is inspired by the popular Chinese based WeChat social media platform and the new additions to the Facebook messenger service and also WhatsApp.

The way these services are monetized are with affiliate marketing.

This is where you provide links to product sales pages to people you find on messenger apps and you earn a commission from any sales that arise after they click your link.

But does it actually work or is it just a scam?

The Great Heist Scam?

Does not look like The Great Heist system on Clickbank is a scam, because they are teaching an innovative online business strategy that combines affiliate marketing with messenger apps.

However, there are a number of things I am not too keen on as part of the sales page and with these type of offers in general.

So lets touch upon a few of those reservations that I have on this page.

First of all, the product is only $9 and many other recent Clickbank launches have gone for this price point as well.

Whilst this sounds good on paper, they do have immediate upsells of around $197 in order to get all the information and software tools needed to truly make it work.

Sure, you are likely to learn a useful few strategies as part of the main $9 purchase so it is unlikely to be a complete scam. But they will hold back some of the really good stuff for the upsells.

The Great Heist Blueprints – Scam or Legit?

The Great Heist Clickbank sales page also makes some pretty big income claims within the video presentation.

He talks about making upwards of $4,000 per day with these strategies.

The good thing is he is not guaranteeing that all customers will be able to do the same, but at the same time it will give unrealistic expectations to newbies.

With any internet marketing strategy it is going to take a good amount of consistent learning and action taking before you really get to grips with the method and start seeing some commissions coming in.

It is much more than downloading some software and making a ton of money by clicking a few buttons.

They also say there are 84 The Great Heist Reviews and provide a 5 Start image next to it. But you can’t actually click through to see the testimonials that people have supposedly left.

One last thing I was not sure about was the fact that they claim this program is going to be sold for $197, but for a limited time it is just $9.

In my experience those claims tend to be a bit of fake scarcity to try and get people to buy this product right away and to give things a sense of urgency.

Does The Great Heist Actually Works?

The Great Heist messenger marketing system uses affiliate marketing to promote products in return for commissions on various social media platforms with inbuilt messenger services.

Club Heist insiders who get the blueprints will therefore be learning about a legitimate strategy for making money with an online business.

It is a new and innovative marketing technique not widely taught yet, so is going to be worth learning about.

But whether it works or not is going to be down to the individual and how much effort they put into applying the strategies used.

It is also going to be important to deliver value and built relationships with your prospects using these messenger apps.

Some people are likely to be overly promotional and a bit spammy and that approach is unlikely to convert clicks into sales.

Club Heist Review – Summary Of The Great Heist Blueprints

To finish off this review of The Great Heist blueprints and my Club Heist Review, it looks like a cool way to learn about modern messenger marketing strategies for just $9.

There is probably not a scam going on, but be prepared for additional upsell products where software and extra training is provided to really make it work. They are unlikely to give away all the secrets for just $9.

Whilst I am not keen on the hyped-up income claims and scarcity tactics used on the sales page, some members will probably go on and generate some sales by applying the sort of methods taught in this guide.

At the same time, the 4K Per Day sort of level claimed by the system creator will be well out of reach for most users.

In any case, thanks for stopping by my review of The Great Heist.

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