Home Business Package Review – Automated Websites Scam?

Hiya, it’s my Home Business Package Review – new automated websites that make money or a Home Business Package scam?

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Home Business Package Review – Yet More “Automated” Websites?

Home Business Package is a new business opportunity that supposedly provides the user with a set of automated websites to use.

My review of Home Business Package will see if this often used hook of “automated websites” provides a realistic method for making money at home or if it is just a HomeBusinessPackage.com scam to avoid.

Basically, Home Business Package provides training on how to build an email list and promote affiliate offers and ecommerce products to that list.

Website templates are also provided.

However, there does not seem to be anything new to this and I am skeptical of the claim of automated profits.

By the way, I earn a full-time income from home doing affiliate marketing so I am a fan of this business model in general.

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Home Business Package Review – How It Actually Works?

In my Home Business Package Review I first want to point out that from their sales video presentation at HomeBusinessPackage.com it is not clear how the system actually works!

home business package review

There is an anonymous voice over artist reading from a script, talking about “automated websites” and how they can earn you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day!

But they do not mention what kind of websites these are, what products (if any) you are selling or any other details on the strategy used.

However, after a bit of digging around I found more information on the Home Business Package homepage, which lists a few bullet points on what the Package Includes:

  • Website Templates
  • E-Mail Marketing Training
  • List Development Strategies
  • Access to 1 on 1 Mentorship
  • Bonus packages used by expert internet marketers
  • E-Commerce Training
  • Motivational/Positive Mind Strategies

It is still very vague, but it does look like you are provided with generic website templates that can be used to promote a range of affiliate offers and ecommerce products.

The goal appears to be to build your email list so that you can promote these products to your subscribers.

This general affiliate marketing process is what I do: drive traffic to lead capture pages, build my email list, and promote high converting offers to that list of a daily basis.

I also talk about this same strategy in the My Online Startup and Profits Passport posts on this blog.

However, there is a disconnect between the “automated income” described on the sales video and those simple bullet points highlighted on the website.

I think there is probably going to be some useful training and tools to use for the customer, but many may quit early when they realize that actual work is needed.

The Home Business Package system is not going to give you a pre-created website that is already making hundreds of dollars per day for just a one time payment of $37!

Home Business Package Review – My Affiliate Marketing Tips

Home Business Package is a product that provides training on how to generate an online income with affiliate marketing and ecommerce websites.

Home Business Package also supposedly provides automated website templates to help.

It is the list building and affiliate marketing part of this that I like the sound of the most (although I don’t like the hype in the sales video).

To help you to better understand how to get started in this industry, here is the general affiliate strategy I use:

  1. Generate Traffic – I do internet marketing in the form of blogging, YouTube videos, and email advertising in order to generate internet traffic (website visitors).
  2. List Building – I then build my email list by sending these visitors to a lead capture system, where they are invited to enter their email address in exchange for information on my solutions.
  3. Sales Video Presentation – I then monetize these leads by redirecting them to a sale video presentation of a high converting affiliate product that pays me commission when a sale is made.
  4. Email Marketing – I send promotional emails each day to my subscribers to promote high quality, high paying affiliate products & services.

Summary Of My Home Business Package Review

In my Home Business Package Review I go over what I like the look of and do not like the look of with this new work from home opportunity product.

Home Business Package is a system that provides training on affiliate marketing list building and provides website templates to help.

I am a big fan of the affiliate list building business model, because it was this focus that took me from struggling online to earning a full-time income.

But I am not keen on the Home Business Package automated websites sales pitch.

The anonymous voice over artist talks about how you will get an automated website that is already generating hundreds (even thousands!) of dollars per day and all you need to do is to pay your $37 or $97 entrance fee!

If they already had a website making that much money, why on earth would they give it to you for just $37?!

So to wrap up my review of Home Business Package, I think there is probably some value in the training and website templates.

However, those students expecting to make big money quickly just by activating the system are likely going to be disappointed when they realize they are going to have to learn some new skills and actually put in a bit of work!

Anyway, I hope my thoughts on Home Business Package were of help to you!

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