Home Cash Sites Review – $500 Per Day Scam?

It’s my Home Cash Sites review – can you really make $500/day dropshipping or is it just a Home Cash Sites scam?

Home Cash Sites Review – Dropshipping CPA Offer

Home Cash Sites is a new “make money online” program that is doing the rounds on the CPA affiliate networks. The business model they use is about creating your own dropshipping website.

In my review of Home Cash Sites I will look at a number of red flags that the sales page raises for me with their hard-selling tricks.

I also give some home business tips, take from my 8 years of experience working from home full-time doing this.

I have seen lots of these type of systems come and go over the years, so I hope my opinions will be of help to you as you do your research and due diligence.

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Home Cash Sites Review – The Business Model?

In my Home Cash Sites review we will start by talking about how the money is actually made with this system – what strategy are you being taught?

home cash sites

Home Cash Sites is an ecommerce training program that shows customers how to generate an income by selling physical products via dropshipping companies.

This is a popular business model because you can sell protects without having them at your home in stock.

You only have to buy for the product once you have already received payment from the customer, and your profit is the difference between your buying costs and selling price.

Home Cash Sites provides an education for how to get started with this type of business model, as well as website templates to use to get started with your own Shopify style ecommerce stores.

This is different to the affiliate marketing approach that is used in the Click Wealth System program.

My Home Cash Club Testimonials – Real or Fake?

Home Cash Sites customer testimonials are shown as videos embedded into the sales video presentation.

But the way these people are describing their experience with the program sounds quite unnatural as though they are reading from a script.

Also, they make some pretty outlandish income claims.

It is likely that a beginner is going to get those kind of results right away.

In the online business world there is potential for some very exciting results. But for the typical newbie it is going to take a bit of time to go through all the training and then to take action on the strategies to see which methods make a good fit for them over time.

It is a long term thing were you learn and improve as you go along.

Not something where you just buy a $47 ecommerce store and are instantly raking in $500/day!

So I would not read too much into the Home Cash Sites testimonials as it is just a lot of hype to try and convince people to buy the product right away.

The reason for this hard-selling approach is that they want to increase the sales stat for affiliates whom are promoting the Home Cash Sites affiliate offer, and thus want them to send more and more clicks to the vendor.

Home Cash Sites Advantages and Disadvantages

In this review of My Home Cash Sites, here are a few of the thing I did and did not like the look of with this program.

Home Cash Sites Pros

  1. Uses the popular dropshipping business model
  2. Provides a basic education to beginners looking to get stared with their own ecommerce business

Home Cash Site Cons

  1. Sale Page red flags – outlandish income claims, lots of hype, paid-actor style testimonials, fake scarcity countdown timers etc.
  2. High Ticket Upsells – whilst the front end product is just $47, they do seem to have the option where you get a “coach” where they are likely to try and persuade you to spend much more money on their other services, which could potentially cost thousands of dollars.
  3. Hard Business Model – Dropshipping is a relatively hands-on business model and it can be hard to generate a profit with the low profit margins – I prefer to do affiliate marketing with digital products for higher commission percentages.

Home Cash Sites Review Summary – Yes or No?

To wrap up my Home Cash Sites review, I don’t think this is the best way for a beginner to get started with an online business due to the hardselling approach and hype on the sales page giving people unrealistic expectations.

The red flags the sales presentation raised included:

  • Fake scarcity countdown timers
  • Huge income claims
  • Big one-time discounts
  • Paid actors reading testimonials from a script
  • Anonymous voice over artist reading from a script for the sales video

I am not saying Home Cash Sites is a scam, but I am not convinced that this is the best way for a beginner to get involved with starting their own online business.

Anyhow, thanks for checking out my review!

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