Home Cashflow Shortcut Review – Legit 2020 Paycheck?

Home Cashflow Shortcut Review – does it get legit 2020 paychecks or just a HomeCashflowShortcut.com system scam?

home cashflow shortcut

Home Cashflow Shortcut Review – New Business Opportunity

Inside my review of Home Cashflow Shortcut I will talk about how this program works, their business model, the sales strategies behind the website, and whether it looks like it is worth giving a go, or not.

I have been doing digital marketing from home for the last 8 years or so, and therefore know what it takes to generate a full-time income in this industry.

So I hope my thoughts on this new business opportunity page will be of help as you conduct your own research.

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Home Cashflow Shortcut Review – CPA Network Offer

Let’s kick off my Home Cashflow Shortcut review by revealing that this is a CPA offer doing the rounds on the major affiliate networks.

CPA stands for cost per action and it is a way for companies to acquire new customers for their business as a results of affiliate referrals.

Even though the Home Cashflow Shortcut system only costs $27 to join, affiliates will get paid around $65 to $85 per new customer that they generate.

The reason for this is because of the high ticket backend as part of the sales funnel.

Therefore, the company knows that their average lifetime customer value is going to be worth hundreds of dollars so they can afford to take a loss on the front end just to have a new person to send through their high ticket backend sales funnel process.

The company that customers of Home Cashflow Shortcut will be funneled into is: The Super Affiliate Network.

Home Cashflow Shortcut – The Super Affiliate Network Funnel

Home Cashflow Shortut is a front end sales page to funnel people into The Super Affiliate Network on the backend.

This is simply a way of rebranding Super Affiliate Network to a unique sales process.

The company has been around for a while and lots of people in the business opportunity space will already have seen it advertised quite a bit before.

So by using a unique sales video at HomeCashflowShortcut.com, it gives the opportunity a fresh new look and thus will make people more receptacle to giving it a go.

The checkout page for Home Cashflow Shortcut program is quite vague, but says you get the following with the purchase:

  • Training for how to create your first breakthrough in the online marketing world, with their unique system that supposedly does 95% of the hard work (technical setup etc.) for you.
  • Learn how to build an income by leveraging the internet, in a manner that generates both time and financial freedom.
  • Plug-in to a business model that has the potential to let you work anywhere, requiring just your laptop and an internet connection.

The Super Affiliate Network Business Model with Home Cashflow Shortcut

Home Cashflow Shortcut (aka The Super Affiliate Network) has a hybrid style business model that takes aspects from both high ticket direct sales and affiliate marketing.

It is the high ticket sales part that they highlight quite a bit inside the training within the members area.

Their belief is that the best way to start generating leads and sales on the internet is with paid traffic (such as email solo ads).

But in order to be able to afford to break even (and then to turn over a profit in the long run) on paid traffic, they believe you need to be selling high ticket products as part of your sales funnel.

The general sequence of this type of marketing is as follows:

  1. Plug-in to a “done for you” system that focuses on a squeeze page to send traffic to in order to build your email list.
  2. Buy traffic with solo ads (or other online media, as well as learn free traffic generation)
  3. Visitors are redirected to a sales video presentation after entering in their email address on your page and you are credited with sales as an affiliate if made
  4. Your customers go through a backend sales funnel that includes various other products to purchase at higher price points
  5. You earn commissions on these high ticket upgrades, with the help of personal business coaches / sales people to close the sales
  6. Learn to reinvest part of these commissions back into paid traffic to further build your email list and send more customers through this sales funnel process.

So the training teaches you how to uses internet marketing sales funnels with low ticket front end products and high ticket back end products, in conjunction with paid traffic to build your list.

You are assigned your own personal business coach as part of the process.

This mentor is there to help guide you through the steps, to understand the business model, and to help with any technical setup aspects of your system.

However, with many of these type of programs the business coach also doubles-up as a sales person to encourage you to upgrade to the more expensive products that they have for sale.

Home Cashflow Shortcut Business Model – Pay to Play?

With reviews of Home Cashflow Shortcut and other companies with similar business models, there is always the concern of pay to play.

In other words: do you have to purchase the expensive products yourself first in order to qualify for the rights to then earn commissions for them as an affiliate?

It seems that Super Affiliate Network has revamped their compensation plan and business model so that this is not a requirement.

I believe people can sign-up for a free affiliate account and start promoting the offers for free and still earn commissions.

However, the training, mentoring, and “done for you” systems and funnels are unlikely to be available to affiliates who just sign-up for free.

Also, they do seem to provide additional sales funnels that promote other front end products in addition to just Super Affiliate Network itself.

So you have the chance to get resell rights for additional products in the “home based business” niche to promote as your own in order to try and break even from paid traffic and build your email list of subscribers.

And then on the backend of these funnels, your customers will be introduced to the higher ticket Super Affiliate Network mentoring and upgrades that you could potentially earn commissions for as well.

Summary Of Home Cashflow Shortcut Review

In summary of my review of Home Cashflow Shortcut, it is a front end sales video presentation to funnel people into The Super Affiliate Network business opportunity.

The product costs $27, and affiliates promoting it via the CPA Networks will earn around $65 to $85 per sale they generate.

Super Affiliate Network is a high ticket affiliate marketing business opportunity.

As a customer you learn about how internet marketing works and how high ticket affiliate programs have the potential for marketers to more easily recover their advertising spend in order to build their email list and overall business via paid traffic.

You get “done for you” sales funnels to use to as a marketer yourself, without having to do the complicated technical setup stuff.

Whilst I do not think Home Cashflow Shortcut is a scam, I am not sure that a high ticket product worth thousands of dollars is the best introduction to the online business world for a newbie.

As then there can be a bit of a panic/rush to try and recover that investment right away which does not make for a productive learning and action-taking environment.

Also, I would have thought spending money on traffic to build your list may be a better investment than just “training” and a system with the license rights to resell the product you just purchased.

Having said that, they do seem to let affiliates join for free and earn commissions on their products without having to have first purchased them so that is good to see.

Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to stop by my Home Cashflow Shortcut review!

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