How To Convince People To Join Network Marketing

To convince people to join network marketing focus on the lifestyle benefits rather than listing boring company facts.

But instead of tring to convince people to join network marketing and MLM…use internet marketing to find people who are actively searching for it.

Use these tips to help you find the best online network marketing company and then go and promote it:

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Lifetime Cookie Tracking – To encourage more affiliates to promote their products, many vendors are providing their affiliates with lifetime cookies. This means that the affiliate not only earns a commission on the initial front end sale, but also profits on any other products that the same customer goes onto buy from the same vendor. Even if that next purchase is in 1 years time.

Income Disclaimer and Average Earnings – Most legitimate work from home opportunities will provide members with a full income disclaimer and average earnings statistics to show how well others are doing in the business. It is worth bearing in mind that the average earnings might well be low because it is skewed by the majority of people who simply do not put in any effort. But look to see if a decent amount of people are earning a living wage with it.

Email List Building – Building an email list is an important aspect of blogging. You will want a banner on your blog that encourages visitors to click and then enter in their email address in exchange for a free gift or more information on a product. This is known as a lead capture page. Also encourage people to join your list in your blog posts. The bigger your email list the more sales you make over time.

Break Even On Solo Ads – One of the key goals of a solo ad is to quickly break even in order to recover your advertising costs. When you get to the stage of breaking even with solo ads then you can essentially build your email list for free. The way to recoup your initial ad spend is to use a high converting sales funnel in place after someone subscribes to your list. Offer them a low cost One Time Offer (OTO) product and then upsell the buyers of that product to a higher ticket One Time Offer on the backend.

High Quality Products To Resell – Make sure you are selling high quality products that gives legitimate value to the customer and that you are not just buying and selling them for the direct sales home based business opportunity alone. I also recommend that you look at selling information prodcts on the internet. Information products are easy to sell in an automated manner and people will often buy them right away without needing any over the phone persuasion.

Blogging For Home Business Leads – The aim a home business blog is to generate leads for your affiliate marketing, MLM or network marketing company. So make sure you provide a strong call to action in each blog post to divert people to your turnkey lead capture page. And also have eye catching banners in the blog sidebars to get clicks and leads that way as well. Make sure you build a big email list of business opportunity seekers.

Payspree – This is a great marketplace and actually gives you many 100% offers that pay instantly through PayPal. The reason vendors give you 100% commissions is to encourage affiliates to send them traffic so that they can build an email list and build a buyers list as well. Instead of the vendor sending you your earnings, you are paid directly by the customer into your Paypal account

Selling Information Products – I am a big fan of selling information products such as ebooks, video and audio courses because they can be sold in an automated way. You don’t have to be present at the time of the sale, their are minimal overheads, and they have high conversions since people don’t need to see the item in person like physical products. When a system is in place you can sell ebooks online on autopilot.

Strong Sales Funnel Upsells – It is the power of a sales funnel that will make or break your turnkey internet business opportunity success in 2013. Typically you will expect to promote a high converting, low cost flaghip product for the company. Your customers will then be presented with upsells as part of the sales funnel. These are essentially upgrades for more advanced training etc. that they pay more money for to take things to the next level. Some people will go right through the funnel and buy everything, which is an excellent way to increase the average cost per customer and your earnings per lead.

Lead Generation – It is essential to generate constant daily leads in your online home business so that you can then follow-up with these leads in an automated way via email. Most people will not sign-up right away and you need to get people to see that video over and and over again before they decide to join. It is important to build a relationship with your leads via email as well as people tend not to just buy into the business opportunity, but to the individual marketer’s personality. Make sure your biz opp gives you professional lead capture pages to use for your own marketing.

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