How To Earn Commissions With Affiliate Marketing Websites

How to earn commissions with affiliate marketing websites? Let’s take a look..

Hey, on this page we will look at how to earn commissions with affiliate marketing websites that are both effectively monetized and properly promoted on the internet with free and paid strategies.

Affiliate Marketing is not so much as an actual business opportunity, but affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online from home. The advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to have your own products to sell and you dont have to deal with any customers. All you have to do is learn the internet marketing skills required to drive traffic to an affiliate offer and earn commissions when the visitor goes onto purchase something. As an affiliate marketing list building skills and follow-up via an auto-responder are very important to master.

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ArcaMax – The ArcaMax FreeSites newsletter is quite a popular choice with marketers who are promoting business opportunities and want to earn commission with affiliate marketing. They will just take your ad and schedule you in for a run date. There is not a strict approval process in place and it is the responsiblity of the marketer to ensure the appropriate earnings disclaimers and terms & conditions etc. are in place. There is also a seperate solo ads ordering section for your stand alone MLM solo ads, but the FreeSites listings is a good starting point. There is also the general ArcaMax newsletters where you can place a classified ad and also a banner ad.

Content Syndication – An attraction marketing system does not just have to consist of video marketing. Writing short reports and articles and blog posts are all forms of attraction marketing. The key is just to reveal interesting tips and add value to the reader and show off your expertise. This helps show that you know what you are talking about and will then attract people to want to join your network marketing business. I recommend you make blogging part of your online attraction marketing system and also think about writing the occasional Google News press release for a nice influx of traffic that way.

Go Where The Traffic Is — In order to make money with affiliate marketing you need to go where people already hangout. Many internet marketing newbies are told to find an untapped niche to market in. But I think that is bad advice as in an untapped niche there is probably not much of an audience and you will have to totally dominate that niche to see success. Instead, go after a large marketing where there are millions and millions of potential customers. Markets like business & wealth, relationships, and health & fitness. Market something that will be easy to find people to send to the offer.

Guaranteed Clicks Solo Ads – With solo ads clicks providers you often need to give away a free gift to the subscriber. This is because the vendors want you to give value to the traffic they send your way. So you can come up with a short report for this to email the visitor when they opt-in to your list. However, many solo ads providers may not want to email for network marketing solo ads offers or for MLM so have a look at the sales page. Also, make sure that you are able to write your own ad copy so that it is congruent with your offer. Some publishers write their own generic copy such as “check this free offer out” and conversions will suffer as a result.

Guest Blogging – This is not as complicated as it may first seem. You simply approach an existing blog and ask them to write a guest blog post for them. It needs to be high quality though. This is not as hard as you may think because all blog owners want more content, because they will get more traffic from it. They will get traffic and subscribers from your content as well. If you can find a blog that writes several blog posts a day and has lots of different author names then there is a chance they use guest bloggers and you might well be able to get in on the rotation.

One Time Offers (OTO) and Downsells – Look for programs that don’t just offer a one time sale. A good idea to up the average value per sale is for the customer to be provided with a OTO after purchase. This is an upgraded version of their product or additional material for even more value to compliment the purchase. You can also have downsells for customers that say no to the product. This might include a discounted version of the product, with a few bonuses removed.

Break Even On Solo Ads – One of the key goals of a solo ad is to quickly break even in order to recover your advertising costs. When you get to the stage of breaking even with solo ads then you can essentially build your email list for free. The way to recoup your initial ad spend is to use a high converting sales funnel in place after someone subscribes to your list. Offer them a low cost One Time Offer (OTO) product and then upsell the buyers of that product to a higher ticket One Time Offer on the backend.

Take action on the above pointers to help you earn commissions with affiliate marketing websites.

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