How To Get More Visitors To Your Blog

Use these tips for some of the best ways for how to get more visitors to your blog in 2019.

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Free Online Network Marketing Lead Generation – With the power of modern day internet marketing strategies there is no excuse not to get a daily flow of free network marketing leads online. If you adopt a consistent content marketing strategy then after a while it will be hard to stop the leads and commissions coming through! I would advice you to dedicate yourself to writing daily blog posts on your website and then repurpose and syndicating that content onto other platforms such as video, document sharing, ebook sharing and audio download sites, article directories etc.

Study Ezines – Take a careful look at what solo ads are running in the email lists and ezine newsletters you subscribe in. What is it about each ad that makes you want to open each email and click the link (or vice versa). Also look at the landing page designs and solo ad copy. A great idea is to use the high converting squeeze page template and solo ad copy templates as provided by Daegan Smith in Solo Ads Secrets.

Solo Ads – Instead of buying leads, I think it is a good idea to go out there and do your own marketing to generate your own MLM leads online. With a solo ad you get to send out your offer to the subscribers of a targeted Ezine newsletter in your niche. One of the best training courses that teaches you how to use solo ads for MLM and network marketing leads is Solo Ads Secrets by Daegan Smith

Online Marketing Strategies – The network marketing industry has made a shift into the online world. Old school methods such as cold calling leads, 3-way calls, and making a list of friends and family are in decline. Instead, attraction marketing systems where interested prospects come and contact you is the way online marketing works. As a result, the training programs should show you how to conduct basic keyword research in order to produce and rank content based around the sort of keywords that business opportunity seekers are pursuing.

Relationship Building with Video Marketing – On the internet people like to buy from other people. So if you show you are a real person and appear on video and audio and build a relationship with the visitors then this will build up much more trust. Many people like to pretend they are a fake person and say that a product is changing their life when they don’t even own it. There is nothing wrong with pen names, but if you move away from fake person reviews and reveal your true identity and add real value to the visitor then you are going to find it much easier to make sales. People will want to give you credit for the affiliate sale. You can drive lots of people to your blog with these relationship building videos.

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