How To Get Network Marketing Leads – Online Network Marketing Lead Generation

How To Get Network Marketing Leads Online: use these tips to supercharge your online lead generation.

Paid Advertising Methods – If you already have a full time 9 to 5 job then you might have more money than time to invest into your online business. As a result you can do paid advertising to get traffic instead of investing time into free traffic methods. Email solo ads are one of the easiest and quickest methods to get traffic to your website. The main thing with solo ads is to have a high converting sales funnel in place so that you can quickly break even. High ticket items are great ways to do this.

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Lead Capture Page – When you have free Google SEO traffic arriving to your blog then you want to capture email addresses so you can follow up with your leads and make sales. A lead capture page is needed for this. It should be a simple page that provides a call to action for the visitor to enter in their email address in exchange for a free report or powerful information. Make sure you have a paid offer immediately after someone opts-in to your list. This is often called a One Time Offer (OTO) and lets you make money instantly from your new leads.

Free Traffic YouTube Videos – YouTube video marketing is one of the best ways to get more visitors to your website for free. Videos rank very well nowadays and are easier to get traffic to than typical blog posts and articles. Do basic SEO with a video using well researched keywords like with any article and also send backlinks and do social bookmarketing on your videos as well. You will be surprised at how well they rank. Also look to add a strong call to action to make sure people click your link after watching the video.

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Sales Funnel – To see direct sales success in 2013 it is essential to understand the concept of the sales funnel. A typical sales funnel will start off with a funded proposal. They aim of this initial product is not to make money but to recover your paid advertising costs. When you have a funded proposal that consistently breaks even on the front end then you are essentially getting direct sales leads for free. You can then really scale your advertising and send people into your sales funnel at a much greater rate. The job of the sales funnel is to send your paying customers through an upsell sequence to encourage them to buy more expensive products. This will significantly raise your average lifetime value per customer.

Buyer Keywords – By getting your affiliate link in front of customers just as they are about to buy a product is one of the easiest ways to make money online. I made my first even commission on the internet by ranking a mini review site on page one of Google for a product name keyword. So simply by ranking your review site on page one for the product name keyword (as well as “product name + review”) then you can make some quick sales with minimal traffic.