How To Increase Traffic To Your Website For Free

Use these strategies for How To Increase Traffic To Your Website For Free to make more money online.

SEO Blog Posts – Pick a relevant keyword to base each blog post on, and also look for lower competition long tail keyword variations of that phrase for a quicker and easy influx of traffic. Make your content a good 500 words or so, put your keywords in H1 and H2 tags as subheadings, and also make sure your keyword phrases are at the start and end of each blog post. There is not an exact science to it, but make sure it is obvious which keyword you are targeting in each post.

How To Get Web Traffic – I advice people to pick 2 main forms of traffic generation and focus on them. Do one free method and one paid method. Free methods can include blogging, article marketing and video marketing on YouTube. Paid methods can include solo ads and media buys. Combine the two on a consistent basis and you should be in good shape.

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Email Marketing – Email marketing should be at the core of your online business, whatever it is you are promoting. I strongly encourage the you send traffic to a lead capture page so you can build your email list. Then have an automated follow up sequence to build a relationship with your leads and to send them back to your primary affiliate offers.

Internet Network Marketing Strategies – I advise all network marketers to leverage the power of the internet in their promotions. The internet is very powerful as it is a way to generate leads on auto pilot and to get prospects come to you. There are both free and paid strategies to use. Free involves spending your time writing and distributing articles, blog posts, videos and other content and interacting with social media sites. Paid involves buying advertising in the form of solo ads, banner ads, and using pay per click on the internet.

Large Scale Media Buys – There are advertising networks that will get you really cheap clicks. Literally for a penny. This is so much cheaper than paying $0.30 to $0.60 per click for a solo ad or PPC campaign. These ad networks will place your banner ad on their network or niche relevant blogs and websites and you can pay for a large stream of traffic coming to your website. There are also networks that do similar things with CPV (cost per view) traffic for the same ultra low price. There is a learning curve with this but might well be a skill worth mastering.

Take action on the above tips for more free web traffic…and fast!