How To Join Affiliate Programs Without A Website

How do you join affiliate programs without a website? Your questions answered..

Hey, in most cases you can join affiliate programs without a website and many are auto-approval. Only very specific programs might want to see an authority site before teaming-up with affiliates.

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The following tips will help you make money with the affiliate programs that you join without a website (you can get that later):

Solo Ads – If you want to make money online with affiliate programs quickly you need instant traffic. Buying solo ads newbie friendly way to get web traffic fast. You simply hand over your money to an internet marketer and have them email their list for your offer. Anyone can do it. When you have a profitable campaign on the go then you can get to the stage of ramping it up very quickly for lots of money. But it does take a lot of testing and tweaking to make sure you are constantly breaking even quickly on each solo ad and then are making big profits on your follow-up email sequence where you should sell high ticket products.

How Many People Succeeding – In most internet business opportunities that provide you with affiliate marketing websites there is a handful of people succeeding and everyone else is failing. To ensure that your business opportunity is likely to be successful, see if there are normal everyday people succeeding as well and not just a few experts. In most home based internet business opportunities the majority of people do not get good results but that is the case with everything because most people do not take action. But it is a good sign if there is more than just a handful of success stories.

Run By Marketers – Many businesses in the industry will be run by people who do not properly understand how sales and marketing work. They will provide you with very generic sales copy and totally boring video presentations! The key to recruiting and selling products in a home business is with strong copywriting, persuasion skills and relationship bulding etc. People buy from people and if the company does not understand these concepts it will be pretty hard going

Sales Funnel – A sales funnel is important to make money with affiliate marketing. You can join affiliate programs without a website that give you a sales funnel and promote it with solo ads. Most solo ads you buy will be from high quality sellers and it is your responsibility as a marketer to convert the traffic to sales to recoup your investment. A high converting sales funnel is how to do this. Typically you will offer a low price (but excellent value) One Time Offer (OTO) product immediately after someone has opted-in to your email list. For the people who say yes to this one time offer give them an upsell at an even high price to make even more money per buyer.

Facebook Pay Per Click Network Marketing – As I have said before, PPC can be a good way to get network marketing leads. To improve chances of getting your ads approved make sure you specifically state in the ad that an email address will be required. Also provide an earnings disclaimer and terms & conditions on your landing page. It is a good idea to target people based on interest and you could try to get clicks from existing network marketers (for example, people who work at Amway) as they will be very targeted.

Take action on the above pointers to help you make money with affiliate programs even if you have not got a website yet.

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