How To Write Blog Posts For Money In 2019

How To Write Blog Posts For Money In 2019 – to make money with blogging make sure you target relevant SEO keywords in your posts.

And then send the traffic that you generate from blogging into a proven online home based business opportunity for maximum earnings in 2019.

It is what I do full-time:

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Top Tier MLM Business Opportunities 2019 – Make sure there is a top tier product as part of the sales funnel you are sending leads into. Whilst it does not have to be a top tier MLM opportunity in the sense that you are going straight in for a $20,000 sale, but it is good to have a high ticket product that will pay out commissions in the thousands. When you have a top tier product like that for the big commissions, you do not have to sell many of them to do very well.

Internet Network Marketing — Network marketing over the internet is a popular home business online opportunity. It is an excellent way to build a monthly residual income because it is team work with network marketing. When your team makes sales then you will earn money from this because a percentage of commissions typically pass-up from the member to their sponsor. So by recruiting a few pro-active people into your network marketing opportunity, you can get lots of these pass-up commissions and earn good money even without producing groundbreaking sales yourself as an individual.

Home Business Solo Ads – Solo ads are where you pay the ezine publisher to email out your offer to their email list. You can find a list of home based business ezine newsletters to advertise in within the Directory Of Ezines by Charlie Page.

Less Automation – I don’t think article marketing for mass backlinks from Article Marketing Robot and Article Marketing Automation etc is the best plan anymore. I sometimes use AMR to give my conent on 3rd party authority sites a boost but don’t use it for my main site anymore. Instead of using article submission software I recommend to only submit your articles to a handful of high quality articles. EzineArticles, GoArticles, ArticlesBase, Idea Marketers and Sooper Articles are among my choices for that. Then you can get natural high quality backlinks from a select few quality article directories that won’t be punished by Google. It will take time for you to get traffic and boost your rankings with this…but slow and steady wins the race.

Send To A Lead Capture Page – It is often beneficial to you as an affiliate marketer to send your traffic to a squeeze page that is encoded with your affiliate link. That means even if the visitor does not purchase something right away, they will still be on the email list of the vendor and thus if they do decide to purchase at a later date then you will get credit for those sales.

Internet Network Marketing Training – Are you provided with all the training needed to be succesful with your network marketing business. Training on the modern day internet marketing strategies are essential because the internet is always changing and you need to be on top of what is working best online today.

Working Together For Mutual Success – With a typical internet marketing training product you will make the purchase and will be left to go at it alone to try and figure out how to put things into action and make money online. But with network marketing you are part of a team community and it is in the best interest of your sponsor and team to help you succeed. The more sales you make, the more pass-up commissions your sponsor will have. There is often a really good community atmosphere in a network marketing business if you join the right one.

Lead Generation – Where most people fail in their online business is that they do not generate leads. They then blame their business opportunity for their failure even though they have not done any work whatsoever to generate leads. It is not up to the business you join to get you leads. So in order for your home based business to be a success make sure that you learn how to market on the internet and generate daily leads. To help you get leads the biz opp should provide you with professional lead capture pages to use, but it is up to you to drive traffic to those pages.

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