IM Commission Method Review – Big Money From Home Scam?

Heya, it’s my IM Commission Method Review – new system makes big money at home or a IM Commission Method Scam?

IM Commission Method

IM Commission Method Review – Rehashed Product?

IM Commission Method is an information product about how to build an income with internet marketing, which leads into the Super Affiliate Network business opportunity on the back end.

My review of IM Commission Method takes a look at the sales video presentation at and whether there is anything new with the inside of this or if it is just a reshashed product that we have seen before.

In summary, IM Commission Method is not a new product.

It will contain the same training and systems as the basic Super Affiliate Network program, as well as other re-branded sales video presentations that lead into this same opportunity.

Can it really make big money at home or is it a IM Commission Method scam?

I will take my 8 years of experience in the internet marketing industry and put it into giving my no-hype opinions of this program within this blog post.

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IM Commission Method Review – Affiliate Program

In my IM Commission Method Review it is worth highlighting that this is an affiliate program that lots of marketers will be promoting right now.

IM Commission Method Review

There are two types of affiliate marketer that will be promoting the IM Commission Method:

  1. CPA Affiliate Marketers
  2. Super Affiliate Network Members

CPA affiliates will just be promoting the sales video presentation.

When a sale is generated then they will earn a one-time commission of around $65 for selling the $49 product.

The reason for this higher amount, is because the company knows they will make more money on the backend of their sales funnel per customer so can afford to payout high commissions upfront to acquire that new customer in the first place.

And then there are the members of the Super Affiliate Network.

These members do not get the higher upfront CPA commissions, but will benefit if their customers go onto purchase more expensive products on the back end of the sales funnel.

This could potentially mean 1 customer being worth thousands of dollars in commissions if they were to go “all in”.

There have actually been lots of different rebranded sales pages like this, all leading to the same Super Affiliate Network business opportunity.

That does not mean there is an IM Commission Method scam, because they do use real testimonials from real people in the same way Profits Passport and the Perpetual Income 365 Software do.

IM Commission Method Review – The Checkout

IM Commission Method is a business opportunity that teaches beginners how to build an online income with internet marketing sales funnels.

It is a rebranded version of The Super Affiliate Network.

When you click the buy button on you are lead to a checkout page on the domain.

The product cost is $49 and is branded as the “IM Commission Method”.

However, in reality you are joining the Super Affiliate Network business opportunity by purchasing this product.

You will be assigned a personal business coach that will help guide you through a number of different training steps.

And you will have a sponsor, whom will be the affiliate marketer that referred you to the system in the first place.

These people will earn commissions on the products you purchase as part of the Super Affiliate Network sales funnel.

In return, customers receive online business training and the ability to use the same sales funnels and marketing resources for themselves.

Summary Of My IM Commission Method Review

In my IM Commission Method review I talk about how this is just another rebranded sales video that leads customers into a business opportunity called Super Affiliate Network.

This is a combination of a training course where you learn about internet marketing, generating traffic & leads, and building a business around online sales funnels.

IM Commission Method also has an affiliate program where you can refer other people to the system itself and earn commissions based on their purchases.

Users are assigned a personal business coach.

These coaches double-up as sales people as they want you to buy the more expensive products (advanced training, personalized coaching, systems, traffic etc.) so that they earn more commissions from you.

And it is a high ticket affiliate program.

So those that go “all in” and buy all the products will be put back a good $12K or so.

I think that is a bit too expensive for the typical beginner whom is just looking to learn the basics about how to get started with a digital marketing business.

In any case, I don’t think there is a Super Affiliate Network or IM Commission Method scam.

Thanks for reading my blog post!

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