IM Profit Multiplier Review – Scam or Legit Paycheck?

Hey, in my The IM Profit Multiplier Review we will see if you can get a legit paycheck in 2020 or is it a Super Affiliate Network Scam?

im profit multiplier

IM Profit Multiplier Review – New Biz Opp Launch?

In my review of The IM Profit Multiplier I will look at the general structure of this offer, the sales tactics, and what members actually get on the inside of this affiliate marketing business opportunity from Super Affiliate Network in 2020.

Is it legit or is there an IM Profit Multiplier scam?

I work from home as a professional digital marketer for around 8 years now, so I have seen a lot of these offers come and go over the years.

Hopefully my quick thoughts will be of help as you conduct your own research!

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IM Profit Multiplier Review – CPA Checks?

To start this The IM Profit Multiplier Review I will point out that this offer is designed for CPA affiliate networks.

So affiliate marketers will be promoting the IM Profit Multiplier sales page by sending out emails to their list.

And if they generate a sale for around $47 or $27 then they will get an upfront CPA commission of around $60 to $80.

The business opportunity vendors and resellers often utilize these affiliate networks in order to get other people refer them new front end customers.

And then on the backend of the sales funnel, these new customers will be presented with additional more expensive products that they can buy.

It is those high ticket sales that actually generate a profit for the business, even if they are paying out big checks upfront just to acquire a new buyer lead.

The IM Profit Multiplier – Super Affiliate Network 2020 Sales Page

The IM Profit Multiplier is a product that funnels people into the Super Affiliate Network business opportunity.

The company keeps on creating different sales video presentations like this to freshen up their marketing, but the general offering for the customer is pretty much the same.

The sales page for IM Profit Multiplier does not go into much detail on what you actually get with the purchase.

They keep it pretty vague by saying you learn how to do online marketing with their systems and that you can plug-in to their business model that has the potential to enable you to work from anywhere on your laptop.

The IM Profit Multiplier / Super Affiliate Network Business Model

Since The IM Profit Multiplier sales page is quite vague, let us quickly talk a bit more about the Super Affiliate Network.

It is essential a high ticket affiliate marketing business opportunity.

A large part of their training is too teach people how to build an email list in the internet marketing space with paid advertising such as email solo ads.

And they are of the mindset that in order to be able recoup your advertising costs to break even (and then generate a profit in the longer run) that you need to have high ticket products to sell.

So they teach how to set up internet marketing sales funnel that start with lower cost front end items to get people through the door, leading up to higher ticket upgrades for bigger sales on the backend.

The company also lets affiliates license the rights to their existing sales funnels and marketing systems/technology for that purpose.

Summary Of IM Profit Multiplier Review

In summary of my The IM Profit Multiplier Review, this sales page is used to promote The Super Affiliate Network.

Whilst the offer costs around $47 to $27, they will pay affiliate marketers $60+ per sale they refer if going via the CPA affiliate networks.

There will then also be members of the Super Affiliate Network who will get these customers assigned to them so that they can profit from any higher ticket sales made on the backend.

As a customer of the program you are taught how to build your own internet marketing business using sales funnels, paid advertising, and high ticket offers.

There is likely to be a business coach that you are assigned to help guide you through the process. However, these coaches often double up as sales reps as they do have an incentive to get you to upgrade as well.

In summary, don’t think there is an IM Profit Multiplier scam as there does seem to be useful training and systems provided. But at the same time these expensive high ticket opportunities are not going to be for everyone due to the high upfront costs.

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