Income Sites Online Review – 1K Per Day Scam?

Hey, my review of Income Sites Online sees if the “weird trick” makes 1K/day or is an scam?

income sites online

Income Sites Online Review – 1K Per Day?

Income Sites Online is a new system that lots of affiliate marketers are promoting to their email lists.

The sales page for Income Sites Online claims they have come up with a “weird trick” for making money online and that you will be able to take advantage of this by activating a website they have for you.

In this review I will talk about what it looks like you will actually get with this program and whether newbies are going to have much chance of getting results with it or if it’s just an Income Sites Online scam.

These opinions are taken from my own experience of working from home as a full-time digital marketer for the last 8 years or so.

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Income Sites Online Review – Website ATM

As part of this Income Sites Online Review I noticed that the sales video presentation at actually leads to a checkout page that leads to another offer called Website ATM.

This is a popular offer on the affiliate networks where marketers can earn around $60 for selling a $47 product.

In another recent blog post I also talked about a similar CPA offer to this that is called the Profit Point Autonomy system.

It is the backend upsells that make it worthwhile for the vendor to pay out more in commissions upfront.

So it looks like that the Income Sites Online system has some sort of deal with Website ATM where they get a commission everytime they refer a new customer to them.

So there is probably a 2 tiered affiliate process going on here:

  1. Marketers earning a commission by promoting Income Sites Online CPA Offer
  2. Income Sites Online getting paid by Website ATM for each new customer (likely a higher negotiated payout)

How Does Income Sites Online Work?

Income Sites Online says that they will provide you with a website to use in order to make money online.

The sales video presentation is pretty hard selling and kind of implies that the website is already up and running and making money.

But that is unlikely to be the case!

Even if you get a high quality website template to start using, it is not automatically going to be generating a profit until you effectively advertise on the internet and generate consistent visitors to it.

I do intenet marketing for a full-time income and learning advertising strategies such as blogging, video and email marketing is well worth it because with consistent action it can lead to ongoing leads & sales.

But there is a learning curve and it does require a good bit of work and effort (trial and error etc.) until you start building up momentum in your business.

Also as part of this review of, it is worth pointing out that affiliate marketing is a big part of the strategy.

This is where you promote other people’s products in return for a commission.

Again, a strategy that is very powerful but not something where you click a few buttons and are magically making 1k per day without putting in any work!

Real Income Sites Online Testimonials?

Income Sites Online testimonials are embedded into their sales video presentation.

But are these real reviews from real customers or just paid actors reading from a script?

It certainly does look like the later as the way these people are delivering the speech appears very unnatural as though they have been told what to say.

The income claims they are making do not seem beliveable either.

Someone who is brand new to affiliate marketing and sees early success is much more likely to report some realistic results, such as generating a certain number of leads and achieving some good modest commissions.

But none of these “make money online” systems are going to get a beginner generating 1K Per Day and thousands of dollars in commisisons right from the get go.

Having said that, if customers get a high quality website and training on how to start promoting it then there may well be some value there.

But many people will quit thinking it is a scam because the sales page makes all these unrealistic claims, but on the inside they are going to discover that work and effort and learning is needed after all.

I think it is well worth learning these internet marketing skills and gaining valuable experience from your own trial and error, but it does take consistent action and more realistic expectations.

Income Sites Online Review – A Summary

In summary of my Income Sites Online review, it looks like this is just a generic sales video presentation that in the past has been used to sell other business opportunities.

But at the time of writing this blog post they seemed to have switched out the old product with the popular Website ATM CPA offer.

If you are reading this blog post at a later date, then they may well have changed the checkout page to the latest hottest offer to promote instead.

In any case, it is a system that gives you a website and training on how to generate an income with internet marketing.

Whilst I am a big believer in this business model (it is what I do!), I don’t think the hype and lack of transparency in this sales page is the best introduction to the industry for many people.

With any program like this I tend to get the impression that affiliates promoting it to their list for the one-time CPA commission are going to be the ones making the most money rather than the customers of the system itself.

There might well be some value and quality on the inside, but the unrealistic expectations will result in many people choosing to quit when they are not met.

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by on my blog post about Website ATM and Income Sites Online.

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