Insider Profit Groups Review – $9 into 11.2K Scam?

My review of Insider Profit Groups sees if $9 can turn into 11.2K or if it is an Insider Profit Groups scam?

I just read an Insider Profit Groups system email in my inbox sent by someone promoting this product on the Clickbank platform. Perhaps you got a similar message about it.

It is a recent launch and there is probably a bit of buzz and lots of advertisements about it right now.

So I thought I would do my own review blog post to let you know my honest thoughts.

I earn a living working from home doing online marketing so hopefully these opinions will help you out.

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insider profit groups

Insider Profit Groups Review

Insider Profit Groups reminds me of other recent Clickbank system launches that have gone by the name of Club365, The China Secret, Club Shanghai and Silk Road Effect.

The same layout is used as in those other products as well. My review will see if that means there is an Insider Profit Groups scam or whether there is something to learn here.

First of all, we will dive into the money making strategy that is used.

Insider Profit Groups Facebook Marketing

Insider Profit Groups uses Facebook to make money with affiliate marketing.

It is a training product that teaches members how to create their own popular Facebook Groups and then to monetize that audience by promoting affiliate programs to them.

It is a combination of affiliate marketing and social media marketing.

When someone clicks on your link from your Facebook Group then they visit the sales page of a product online.

If they go onto make a purchase then that is tracked back to you as the referrer and you will earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a real and legitimate way to make money online (it is what I do!) and Insider Profit Groups is a unique way of using this process on social media.

Insider Profit Groups Turns $9 into $11,000?

As part of this Insider Profit Groups review let us talk about this headline that claims $9 can be turned into an 11K/month income.

I find it highly unlikely that a complete beginner to the industry is going to be able to make 11K/month just by buying a $9 training product!

insider profit groups facebookThere is probably going to be some useful social media marketing strategies being taught on the inside (and the creator may well be getting 11k/month with his own Insider Profit Groups system), but it does set high expectations for customers that join.

Many people may quit thinking it is a scam if they don’t quickly turn their $9 product purchase into a big income within a few days or weeks.

Whereas in reality, if they had lower expectations and had the patience to learn the strategies and implement them over a long term basis then they would have a better chance of seeing success.

Is Insider Profit Groups A Scam?

Insider Profit Groups may not be a scam as they appear to be teaching members a unique marketing strategy.

But as already said, it does set some unrealistic expectations with the way the content is presented.

They layout of the sales page is also a bit cookie cutter and looks exactly the same as other recent product launches.

That is probably because those type of websites convert well into sales.

And high conversions means more affiliates will want to promote the product and thus the vendor will make even more sales!

The website starts with the typical eye catching headline about the system with an example of income potential.

Then below there is a sales video presentation of a voiceover artist explaining what it is all about.

There is an add to cart button for access for just $9, which is an interesting new price point I have noticed for some of these recent Clickbank launches. I presume it is part of a wider sales funnel process.

There is also a text version of the Insider Profit Groups sales page where they give the same information but for those that prefer to read.

There is a bit of scarcity at the bottom of the page where they say that the product cost will soon be increased to $299 but is now just $9 for a limited time. I am not sure about that claim!

insider profit groups scamIt would also be good to have a bit more information about the system creator as I get the impression it is a pen name being used as not much background is provided.

Insider Profit Groups Testimonials

No testimonials are provided for Insider Profit Groups.

This makes it hard to tell if people are likely to get results with it or not.

In the sales video he actually says that the reason the product price is just $9 is because for the very reason that they want to get some testimonials in before they increase the price.

However, I don’t think the lack of reviews is a bad thing.

Many of these system launches look like they have fake reviews with paid actors reading from a script.

I am unconvinced those “customer” feedback sections even persuade many people to make the purchase in any case.

So it is refreshing to see that they have just left the testimonial part of the presentation blank rather than just making some up out of thin air.

Summary Of Insider Profit Groups Review

In summary of my review of Insider Profit Groups, it looks like a unique method to make money online by combining Facebook Groups and affiliate marketing.

However, I find it unlikely that many customers will be able to turn a simple $9 bit of training into 11K/month and it is going to take time to build up a responsive audience on Facebook in any case.

There will most probably be some useful tips and tricks that will be learned, but those that get results won’t be able to expect to make a bunch of cash right away. But to rather apply it as part of their marketing for the long term.

Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts on Insider Profit Groups.

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