Jeffrey’s Fast Lane Review – $250 Today Scam?

Hey, my review of Jeffrey’s Fast Lane sees if you can make $250 today with this system or if it’s a Jeffrey’s Fast Lane scam?

jeffreys fast lane

Within my blog post for this Jeffrey’s Fast Lane review we will look at how the system works, whether it can work for you, and also my own thoughts from the online business world in general.

I work from home doing this for a full-time income and have been doing so for several years.

Therefore I have seen lots of these type of systems come and go and have a pretty good idea of what to look out for in these new launches.

Hopefully you gain some valuable insights based off of my years of experience in this industry.

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Jeffrey’s Fast Lane Review – Scam or Legit?

Jeffrey’s Fast Lane is a new “make money online” system that has just been launched.

Maybe you have received an email from someone promoting Jeffrey’s Fast Lane?

That is because it is an affiliate offer that many marketers will be promoting in order to earn commissions when people buy via their link.

The product costs $37 with some optional upgrades on the backend for more advanced training.

I would not say that it is a scam, because you are likely to get a system that you can use to start promoting products on the internet with you own online business.

However, I am not convinced this is the best way to get started in the internet marketing world if you are a beginner.

That is mainly because of the hyped-up income claims made, the anonymous pen-name used as the Jeffrey Hart system creator, and also the fact that the testimonials look like they are being read by actors.

How Does Jeffrey’s Fast Lane Work?

Jeffrey’s Fast Lane works by giving you a “done for you” website in the form of an ecommerce store.

This can then be used to sell physical products that are fulfilled by dropshipping companies.

It loos like Jeffrey’s Fast Lane system uses a Shopify style business model.

This is a legitimate way to build an income at home and many successful entrepreneurs do this as their main source of income.

I actually prefer to do affiliate marketing where I promote digital products.

With digital affiliate offers I do not have to fulfill the order myself and it is all handled in a more hands-off and automated manner.

But for those looking to do the ecommerce store approach then this is more of that side of things.

They seem to give you training to help you promote your new website and also have the option of professional business “coaches” to guide you along the way.

I am skeptical whenever they refer to the use of “coaches” as often that is another word of saying a paid salesperson that will try and get you to upgrade to more expensive products!

Can You Make Money With Jeffrey’s Fast Lane?

Jeffrey’s Fast Lane will most probably generate some customers an income, but with these sort of things most people do tend to struggle.

The sales presentation makes it sound very quick and easy to make money with this.

It almost sounds that your website is already up and running and making money and all you have to do is activate it for $37 to then make $1,000’s!

But this industry is not as easy as that!

You will need to learn how to effectively promote your new ecommerce store with internet advertising techniques.

Whether you see results with it or not is going to be down to how much high quality traffic (website visitors) you can get to your site.

It is not something that will already have traffic & sales happening without you from doing any work.

Doing internet marketing is great and when you have got your various forms of advertising out there it really can snowball into a nice residual income.

But you do need to take action and go through an initial period of trial and error and tweaking/improving before you finally start seeing some results.

Jeffrey’s Fast Lane Testimonials – Are They Real?

The reviews on the Jeffrey’s Fast Lane sales page look as though they are done by paid actors.

I have seen the same people appear in other sales videos for other business opportunities reading from a similar script.

Now, that is not to say it is a scam. Perhaps they have real and verified member results and are just using actors to read them out to protect their customer’s privacy.

But I prefer to see real customer testimonials on video. They tend to be more improvised and naturally delivered

And it is good to see more down-to-earth results being reported that are realistic to believe as opposed to claiming they are making thousands without doing much work!

Jeffrey’s Fast Lane Review Summary – Yes or No?

In summary of my Jeffrey’s Fast Lane review, whilst they are likely to give you a real ecommerce website and some training to help you get started, I am not sure this is the best introduction to the online business world.

I am not keen on the “testimonials” featured on the sales page.

And they do seem to use a bit of fake scarcity in claiming that there are only limited spots remaining and that the offer will expire by midnight.

The business model of ecommerce marketing and dropshipping is legitimate, but it takes a bit of time to build up momentum and finding the advertising strategies that work for you.

It is not something where you just activate a system and money automatically starts arriving into your account without any additional effort on your part!

In any case, I hope my thoughts were of help as you do your research on Jeffrey’s Fast Lane.

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It is good fun and well worth sticking to for the long run.

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