Join Network Marketing 2019

Before you Join Network Marketing in 2019, take note of these online marketing strategies so you can effectively promote your network marketing company by using the internet.

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Long Tail Traffic – I still think a product review site can work in 2019 after Google Penguin, but make it a really helpful site that has loads of content. So post hundreds of pages of information about the content. Each page can target a slightly different long tail product keyword. Add a new post every day and over time Google will really become to associate your site as an authority on that product. This is so much easier than depending on getting just one page ranked for a handful of keywords.

Make Money Blogging – If you have your own high traffic blog then you can make good money from it by either promoting affiliate products yourself or by selling advertising space. Making money online is all about traffic so if you have a blog or website with lots of traffic you will make lots of money! I like blogging because the process is completely in your hands and no-one can stop you. You can just roll up your sleeves, and write 3 to 5 blog posts each and every day and over time the traffic will come in whether you understand SEO or not.

Information Products – Selling information products such as audio guides, video and ebooks are the best way to establish a monthly residual income. They are hands off because the customer simply downloads the products and no postage of physical items is needed. Affiliate programs are a great way for an even more hands off approach as no refunds or customer support issues need to be dealt with.

Free Content Syndication – This is a more long term approach for getting free network marketing leads, but is important to do. I think every network marketer should have their own blog onto which regular content is added. If lots of keyword targeted blog posts are published then overtime the blog will gain authority and get lots of free Google traffic. Also get your content out there on other platforms such as YouTube, article directories and document sharing sites for more traffic and leads.

Top Tier MLM Business Opportunities 2019 – Make sure there is a top tier product as part of the sales funnel you are sending leads into. Whilst it does not have to be a top tier MLM opportunity in the sense that you are going straight in for a $20,000 sale, but it is good to have a high ticket product that will pay out commissions in the thousands. When you have a top tier product like that for the big commissions, you do not have to sell many of them to do very well.

Information Marketing Online – One of the best internet business opportunity ideas that works is selling digital information products. Information products teach the user a certain skill in the form of video, ebooks, and PDF manuals. They are very popular with consumers and can easily be sold in an automated manner without you being present for the sale. Instead of having to create your very own information product as a newbie, it is a good idea to simply sell existing products as an affiliate marketer via your own blog and email marketing campaign.

Clickbank – This is the obvious affiliate directory of choice for newbies. There are some great products to promote in here and you do not need to ask for approval. There can be lots of competition in terms of SEO for these products, but if you can send traffic directly to these offers and build an email list in the process you will do very well. Look to promote Clickbank products that show the highest average commission per sale.

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