Klippyo Review – Free Video Holy Grail?

Klippyo is online video creator software that uses a powerful free bonus content library. I review the use cases.

As part of this review of Klippyo we will look at the main features of this online video creator and I will also chip in with some of my tips for the video/affiliate marketing world in general.

Lots of people will be getting promotions for Klippyo and the free bonuses due to the hype & buzz of a big JVZoo launch.

I work from home as a full-time affiliate marketing (living that internet lifestyle!) so I hope my ramblings on this blog post will be of some value to you!

Official Website: Click Here For Klippyo Website (new-launch special & bonuses)

Klippyo Video Software

First of all in this Klippyo review I shall point out that this is not software that you download to your computer.

Instead it is a “software as a service” product when you are given a Klippyo login to the members area where you use the tool over the internet.

That is good news as you do not need to worry about your computer having the right specifications in order to be able to run the software.

There are quite a few JVZoo product launches that are selling video creation tools and this seems to be an exciting new addition to the mix.

How Does Klippyo Work?

Klippyo video creator software gives you free content from which to create your videos.

That is what is unique about this video creation tool.

With many other video products you need to come up with the content yourself or you only have some generic animations to use.

But a bonus of Klippyo is that they give you big libraries of content, which you can drag and drop into the timeline to easily create a professional video.

This content includes stock video footage and stock images. There are also text graphic designs, audio effects, and emojis that can be added within the tool.

So anyone can now create professional, high converting videos for their online business or internet marketing promotions without needing to record the content themselves or needing to have any technical skills.

Is that the “Holy Grail” for video marketing? Being able to crank out professional videos in a matter of minutes in order to supercharge the traffic, leads & sales from all that extra content?

What To Do With The Klippyo Videos?

As part of this review of Klippyo video creator, let’s talk about some ideas for how to make money with these videos.

Right, let’s dive into it!

Sell Klippyo Videos To Clients as a Freelancer

The most obvious way to make money with the Klippyo software on JVZoo is to create videos for clients as a freelancer.

Since you are able to use their library of content, templates and special effects, you will be able to create professional marketing videos in a matter of minutes.

Yet local businesses who want professional video will be prepared to pay good money for that type of content.

As a result there is excellent potential for very high earnings per hour with this.

You could also sign-up to freelancing websites such as fiverr.com and upwork.com and offer your services there.

Klippyo Affiliate Marketing Videos

Klippyo can help you create quality yet simple content to use in your internet marketing promotions and to help you promote affiliate offers.

This is my go to method!

I love affiliate marketing as no one is telling you what to do.

You simply crank out the content, upload it online, and you can get traffic and affiliate sales without having to manually deal with customers yourself.

When it works it can generate income in a hands-free and somewhat automated manner.

So your free Klippyo videos can be uploaded to YouTube in order to generate clicks to your website.

You will create a video around a different keyword each time.

It is also a good idea to use low competition, long tail keywords to target as they are very easy to rank on YouTube and Google.

And then provide a call to action within your content (use the Klippyo text features) to get viewers to click your link in the video description to visit your website. You can then capture the lead or sell a product.

Use For Your Own Business Website

You can also use the Klippyo free bonus library content to create videos to put on your own website.

This can act as a promotional video for a product that you are selling online. This will give new visitors a high quality initial perception of you, your business, and your products and services.

You could also create mini sales video presentations for online products that you have for sale. This could be the type of video you put at the top of a JVZoo sales page.

Alternatively, you can create videos that act as presell content.

Instead of direct linking to an affiliate offer you can link to a bridge page that includes a Klippyo video on it. The video will help show the advantages of the offer you are promoting to the user and thus warm them up to make them more receptive to make the purchase when they do land on the sales page.

Wrapping Up This Klippyo Review

OK, let’s wrap up my review of Klippyo.

It is a complete “done for you” video creation software that you access by logging in to the members area using a username and password.

You are then provided with a simple drag & drop video creator which lets you use the free bonus content library of footage, pictures, graphics, text, emojis, audio, templates and more.

This means that even those not technically inclined can create professional marketing videos in a matter of minutes.

These videos can then be sold to clients or used in your own internet marketing promotions for traffic generation and conversions.

Either way, it looks like a very exciting offer that they have put together with Klippyo.

Click Here For Klippyo Website (new-launch special & bonuses)