Launch Academy Review – Chris Kyle Transformations?

Launch Academy course and free bonuses by Chris Kyle is about transformation. What are the Launch Academy testimonials like?

As part of this review of Launch Academy (2019) by Chris Kyle we will look at the free bonus package on offer and also the testimonials and business results of past students.

We will also see who Launch Academy is likely to make a good fit for and who it may not be suitable for.

I have 7 years worth of experience working from home as a digital marketer and I am also a keen consumer of personal development content, so I hope my input on this offer taken from my time in this industry will be of some value to you.

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Launch Academy

Launch Academy (2019) is an online educational course that takes the student through a comprehensive step-by-step blueprint to creating an online coaching program that can be sold as a digital product.

The Launch Academy training by Chris Kyle starts out by revealing how to package your existing experience and knowledge into a high end digital training product.

And then the training modules move on to how to build your brand around that offer and then how to structure the sales process in order to generate high conversions for your offer.

Finally, digital marketing strategies are explored so you can get your first online ad campaigns up and running to generate leads for your new offer.

The focus is in structuring the offer in such a way that it will be launched as part of a webinar sales funnel style process. This will include initial presell content and bonuses for your leads to really help build trust and relationship before you aim to close the high end sales.

Launch Academy Student Testimonials

Real Launch Academy reviews from previous students are displayed on the website.

The first thing to note is that these seem perfectly legitimate testimonials from real and successful entrepreneurs and coaches.

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He is very transparent with the testimonials. They include full personal and business names, professional photographs, and also sales data of the online product launches these clients made after going through the Launch Academy training.

High ticket digital product launches have the potential to generate a lot of profit in a short amount of time. That is because you are selling a number of spots all in one go and each spot is at a high price point.

And then leveraging the power of the internet for automation in lead generation and conversions (pre-recorded videos and webinars etc.) is the final ingredient for some very exciting results in terms of providing time and money freedom for the product creator.

It does seem that the reviewers are highlighting how much they valued the help with the technical and online marketing approach to product creation to prevent overwhelm with that side of things.

Also, the sense of community and accountability with the program does really seem to be appreciated as opposed to having to “go at it alone”.

Finally, the heart-centered and authentic approach of Chris Kyle as an educator, particularly with help with delivery of messaging to a target market, seemed to really be appreciated.

Who Is Chris Kyle’s Launch Academy Suitable For?

It does appear that most of the past students already had a skill set, talent, or some type of existing service that they could then package into an online product.

So this is not really aimed at complete beginners who do not yet have some type of service, expertise or message that they are ready to share with the world.

It is more geared towards taking someone’s existing expertise and helping the transfer it into the online world with a digital, high end coaching program launch.

Having said that, I still think there is a good chance some brand new people will be able to create their own very successful online programs from scratch using the training from Chris Kyle.

But for new people without a message or service yet it would probably make more sense for them to act as a “host” and to interview a range of other experts to make up the material.

So a heart-centered and passionate message can still be delivered to the marketplace, but joint ventures with other exerts may be needed to help make up some of the content.

Launch Academy Bonuses

Free Launch Academy bonus material is packaged together with the purchase of this course.

This does look like an impressive line-up. It has a recommended retail value of $5,216!

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These Chris Kyle Launch Academy bonuses include Expert Faculty Sessions with top entrepreneurs delivering live training for their area of expertise in the industry. This includes copywriting, list building, lead generation, podcasts, publishing and more.

There is then a 2-Day Launch Event that students are invited to. This includes additional in-person training & support, as well as masterminding and networking opportunities.

There are a number of other free Launch Academy bonuses for additional digital training programs on the marketplace as well as the potential to schedule a 1-on-1 book publishing strategy session.

Whilst this Chris Kyle Course is of high ticket value, the additional bonus training and in-person help it provides does look good value for money.

There is a lot of live and in-person coaching and accountability as part of the course. It is so much more than simply being handed an ebook or some video training and then to go away and to try and figure it all out for yourself.

There is also a higher level “fast track” version of the course which involves more 1-on-1 help as well as more customized “done for you” services.

Summary of Chris Kyle Launch Academy Review

In summary of my review of Launch Academy 2019, I am impressed at the way the course is structured and delivered in a personal manner that really cares about the success of the client.

The live sessions, community approach, and accountability sets it apart from many other high ticket training products that seem to just give you video training modules and no additional support.

There are a number of pre-recorded video training modules that clients watch in their own time, and then it progresses into a live training session for each module to ensure everyone is on track and progressing effectively.

Another unique aspect of this program is that it is especially useful for authors, coaches, and experts who have a passion for generating positive change in the lives of their clients in an authentic manner.

It is not just about creating a high ticket digital product launch just for the sake of quick money. The entire branding, messaging, and desire for real life transformations is at the center of Launch Academy.

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