MailBard AI Review – Yes or No?

Hey there, welcome to my MailBard AI review! In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of MailBard AI, a revolutionary email marketing tool that incorporates multimedia content directly into your emails. We’ll discuss how this approach works, its advantages, and potential drawbacks. As someone with over a decade of experience in list building and affiliate marketing, I hope my insights will assist you in your research of MailBard AI and other internet marketing solutions.

Introducing MailBard AI

MailBard AI allows you to effortlessly add videos, audios, and clickable links to your marketing emails. Unlike traditional email marketing, where recipients click on a link to view the content on another page, MailBard AI enables you to embed videos directly within the email itself. This innovative approach aims to increase engagement, click-through rates, and ultimately boost the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

How MailBard AI Works

As part of my MailBard AI review let us look at how it works in three easy steps:

  1. Add Multimedia Content: Start by adding the video or audio you want to include in your email. You can either provide a link to an existing video on platforms like Vimeo or upload the raw video from your hard drive.
  2. Generate Code: MailBard AI will provide you with a unique piece of code related to your multimedia content. This code is what allows the video or audio to be streamed directly within the email.
  3. Insert Code and Send: Once you have the code, you can paste it into your email autoresponder service provider. After that, you can send out the email containing the code, and recipients will be able to engage with the multimedia content without leaving the email.

Pros of MailBard AI

  1. Enhanced Engagement: By offering multimedia content within the email itself, MailBard AI captures the recipient’s attention immediately upon opening the email, increasing the chances of engagement.
  2. Simplified Viewing: Recipients can conveniently watch videos or listen to audio without the need to click external links, leading to a seamless user experience.
  3. Increased Click-Through Rates: Higher engagement often translates into better click-through rates, which can positively impact your overall marketing efforts.
  4. Versatility in Email Service Providers: MailBard AI works well with various email service providers, including popular options like AWeber and GetResponse. It even provides its own email broadcasting service with a free SMTP option.
  5. Customizable Pre-Sell Content: Users can craft engaging pre-sell content using videos and audio messages, effectively warming up potential customers before they reach the affiliate sales page.

Cons of MailBard AI

  1. Dependence on Multimedia Content: While multimedia content can be compelling, it might not align with everyone’s marketing strategy. Some marketers may prefer concise text-based emails that focus solely on enticing recipients to click through.
  2. Potential Email Deliverability Issues: Including multimedia content in emails might trigger spam filters or lead to deliverability challenges, affecting how some email providers handle the messages.

Personal Approach to Email Marketing

As an experienced internet marketer, I prefer using bridge pages and pre-sell video pages to promote affiliate offers. While MailBard AI’s approach is effective for engagement, I usually reserve video and audio content for separate pages that precede the affiliate sales page. This strategy helps warm up potential customers and results in higher conversion rates.


MailBard AI presents a fresh and compelling approach to email marketing by embedding multimedia content directly within emails. This tactic can significantly improve engagement, click-through rates, and conversion rates for those who value immediate engagement with videos and audio. However, it might not align with every marketer’s preferences and could potentially pose deliverability challenges.

In the end, the choice of using MailBard AI or any other email marketing tool depends on your specific marketing goals and target audience. Regardless of your approach, remember that email marketing success lies in crafting relevant, engaging content that resonates with your subscribers.