Make Money Online With High Ticket Affiliate Programs

High ticket affiliate programs are one of the best ways to make money online.

I make a full-time income with high ticket affiliate programs. Use my tips to help you do the same and to get extra pointers to help in your online business in general and make more money with affiliate marketing:

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Multiple Streams Of Income – As always, it is a very good idea to have multiple streams of income for your online business. That way if one home based business opportunity that you are involved in goes down you still have money coming in from a number of other programs. It is also a really good way to quickly recover paid solo ads costs. If you give people a variety of products to buy and opportunities to join then you are more likely to find something that they are interested in.

Paid Surveys – You can earn money quickly on the internet by filling out paid surveys. This is quick and instant. Again, you are not going to make lots of money and it will get quite tedious. But if you really do need a quick stream of income then this is another option. Paid surveys are a lucrative industry, and actually as an affiliate marketer you could cash in very well by not filling out these surveys but by getting paid everytime one of your visitors does so. Look for paid surveys CPA offers to promote for this.

Membership Sites – Membership sites are an excellent way to earn high ticket commissions from an initial low price product sale. If the site is of high quality then the retention rate and lifetime customer value will be high. Popular membership site affiliate programs include PLR membership sites as well as drip feed marketing training sites.

Know Your Numbers – When you get to the stage of knowing exactly how much each lead is worth to you then you can really scale your business with paid marketing. For example if on average each lead that opts-in to your capture page is worth $8 to you then you can go to a super affiliate and offer the $4 or $5 for every lead they send you. It will be like printing money.

List Building – The most important asset in the business of all the top internet marketers is that they all have a huge email list. When you have a big email list it is like printing money any day of the week. You just type up an email promoting a product as an affiliate, send it out, and watch the commissions come rolling in! The better relationship you have with your list the more money you will make and with less people needed.

Ezine Solo Ads For MLM – You might have more luck buying solo ads from Ezine Newsletters than guaranteed clicks solo ads providers. Ezine newsletters will accept most offers and you can also use generic turnkey lead capture pages for your business opportunity. The only disadvantage to Ezine solo ads is that there are no guarantees and you will need to write good ad copy to get noticed.

Affiliate Sales Funnels – Another great way to increase the average lifetime value per customer is to send your traffic through a sales funnel. A sales funnel typically involves a low cost front end product to get people into the system. And then a number of increasingly more expensive products are promoted to that customer, finally with a big high ticket product on the backend. That way you can monetize every customer from people who can only afford small purchases, to people serious about their home based business and thus prepared to spend the big bucks on it.

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