Mica Review – My Income Method $629/Day Scam?

Hey, it’s my Mica Review – a My Income Method website that makes $629 per day or just a Mica system scam?


Mica Review – Another Ecommerce Business Opportunity?

Mica (My Income Method) is a new ecommerce website that provides a system for customers to build their own websites to sell physical products with.

My review of Mica ecommerce websites will look at the hard-selling tactics used on the sales page that goes via securecarts.pw, as well as talking a bit about the online business industry as a whole.

In summary, the Mica website provides training and tools for creating your own Shopify style ecommerce website.

The aim is to use this website to sell products on the likes of Amazon and eBay via affiliate marketing, or by using a dropshipping approach.

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Mica Review – How Does It Work?

In my Mica Review, let us first look at the business model used in this My Income Method system.

mica review

Mica is a money making website based around the ecommerce marketing business model.

So you are provided with a template that can be used to create your own ecommerce store, like on Shopify.

And the aim is to do internet marketing in order to promote the website in order to divert visitors to the sales page of products within a certain niche.

These sales pages will be on websites such as Amazon, where you will earn a commission for any sales that are made by signing-up to their affiliate program.

So it is a combination of affiliate marketing and the ecommerce business model that works as follows:

  • Pick a niche
  • Activate a done-for-you website in that niche
  • Sign-up to relevant affiliate programs
  • Do internet marketing to promote the website (get visitors)
  • Potentially earn commissions if someone makes a purchase after clicking on one of your links and being diverted to the main sales page of the product on Amazon (or direct from you if a dropshipping company is used)

Mica Review – Digital Marketing vs Ecommerce Stores

Mica is an ecommerce marketing training system, but I personally prefer to do affiliate marketing with digital products with the likes of Clickbank (as used in Click Wealth System) rather than selling physical products (like with Home Cash Sites) because the commissions are much higher.

Digital affiliate programs tend to have commission rates of around 50 to 75% commissions where physical Amazon style affiliate programs (where products are shipped in the mail) are more like 5% to 10% commissions.

So you need to get much more traffic and make much more sales with an ecommerce store than you would with a website based around high paying affiliate offers promoting digital products and services.

Is Mica a Scam?

Not sure that the Mica business opportunity and ecommerce system is a scam, because if a beginners feels they have learnt some useful marketing strategies and get a useful template to use then they may well feel they go their $47 worth.

Mica, however, uses a number of hyped-up hardselling tactics on the sales page which raises a few red flags for me:

  1. Actor Testimonials – instead of real members giving their honest feedback, they have paid actors to read customer testimonials from a script. They do mention this in the disclaimer, but feedback from people actually using the system would be much more transparent.
  2. Scarcity – They have a countdown timer on the securecarts.pw checkout page to try and rush people through the purchase process. Also, they have another countdown timer saying their are only a few spots left in your local area. In all likelihood, this offer will still be up and running when these timers expire.
  3. Big Income Claims – The Mica “$629 per day” website sales page talks about people making hundreds (even thousands!) of dollars per day with the system. But in reality, it is going to take a lot of hard work, learning, and trial and error before a complete beginner gets to the stage of generating consistent commissions online. It is not a case of just activating a $47 website and doing nothing else!

Summary of Mica Review – My Income Method Scam or Legit?

My Mica review looks at the sales tricks used to hardsell customers into this new business opportunity, as well as talking a bit about the strategies that customers will be taught.

In summary, whilst there may be some useful training and Shopify style website templates to use for a complete beginner, it may not be the best way to get started in this industry because of the hype.

After watching the sales video and outlandish income claims, a beginner may feel they can make hundreds of dollars per day just by activating their $47 My Income Method website.

But it is much harder than that in reality!

The website is not automatically going to be generating an income by doing nothing else.

It is hard work and effective internet marketing and traffic generation strategies that will result in sales being made.

Also, the disconnect between how easy the sales page makes it sound and the reality of what the system is like on the inside may cause some people to be disappointed and ask for a refund.

In any case, I hope you got some useful information in my Mica Review!

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