Millionaire@12 Review – $397/Day Scam?

My review of Millonaire@12 sees if it is possible to make $397/day with this system or if it is just a scam?

You may have got a millionaire@12 email from someone promoting this system. Lot’s of others probably have as well, so I thought I would do this blog post to let you know my thoughts.

I work from home full-time doing affiliate marketing and this online business world is very cool indeed!

But is the “Millionaire At 12” system the best way to get involved in this industry, or is it a scam?

I hope my opinions taken from my years of experience online will be of help to you as you do your research.

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millionaire at 12

Millionaire@12 Review

Millionaire@12 is a new system that lots of people are mailing out for right now.

They are hoping to get you to buy via their link for an affiliate commission. Nothing wrong with that at all, but are you going to get good value for your money with this program?

I always get the impression that with a lot of these products it is the affiliates promoting it that make the most money rather than the actual customers using the system!

I wonder if this will be the case with Millionaire at 12.

I have also reviewed lots of other programs recently including Auto Online Sites and Funnel X ROI.

Millionaire@12 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Millionaire@12 teaches you how to make money doing ecommerce marketing.

The main 2 ecom cash strategies are: affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

Affiliate marketing is where you build websites and post advertisements online in order to generate “traffic” on the internet and then to divert those visitors to the sales page of a product you are promoting.

With physical products on ecom platforms like Amazon you tend to get paid around 4% commissions for any sales that are made via your link.

Dropshipping is where you list products yourself to sell on Amazon, Ebay or your own Shopify store.

When a website visitor of yours makes a purchase, you take some of that money and go and pay a dropshipping company to send the product directly to your customer.

Your profit is the difference between the amount the customer paid you are the cost of paying the dropshipping company for the product and shipping.

With both of these business models the profit margin can be fairly low so a lot of traffic and sales is needed to earn a good amount per month.

Millionaire at 12 Sales Page – Legit $397 Per Day?

As part of this Millionaire@12 review let us take a look at the tactics used on the sales page to try and get you to make a purchase.

They have quite a hard sell approach to this particular offer because they want as many people to buy their program at the very first visit they make to the website.

This is to get higher earnings per click for the affiliates promoting Millionaire At 12 and thus to make more and more people want to continue mailing out for this offer.

The headline gives a $397 Per Day income example.

Whilst it is very much possible that experienced marketers and online entrepreneurs are making this kind of money, it is unlikely that beginners are going to be able to replicate those results just by using this system.

As a result many people will have the wrong idea about the kind of income they could generate with this business model and as a result will quit as soon as it is not quite as easy and fast as they first thought.

They also use a bit of scarcity on the website.

They claim there are only limited spots available in your area. I think this is just to try and get you to buy right away.

It has been my experience with these type of websites that you can come back at a later date and still buy the product, yet the sales page will still be claiming that only “limited spots” remain!

Millionaire@12 Testimonials – Scam or Legit?

The Millionaire@12 testimonial videos do not seem particularly believable.

The way these so-called real customers are reading the reviews seems very scripted and unnatural.

millionaire@12 testimonials

As a result I am not convinced they are actual customers of this offer.

However, it is possible that they are using actors to read from real customer testimonials that have been emailed in but they just want to protect their identify for privacy reasons.

The income claims made as part of these review videos also make it sound like you can make a ton of money just by clicking a few buttons.

That is not realistic, because there is an initial learning curve and consistent action is going to be needed before you get to the stage of earning a predictable income with an internet based business.

Summary Of Millionaire@12 Review

Millionaire@12 seems like an interesting program about how to build your own ecommerce online business.

There are probably some useful tips and tricks that customers will pick up on the inside, but it is very unlikely that the typical member will be able to make the kind of money talked about on the website.

As a result, customers may think it is a scam if the whole process is not as easy as they had thought it would be based on the information put out by the Millionaire At 12 team.

Commissions are also pretty low when you are selling physical products like this as well.

You will need to sell lots of products to make a respectable income at just 4% commissions.

But when you are promoting digital products that pay 50% or more commissions then much less traffic and sales are needed.

In any case, thank you for stopping by my review of Millionaire @ 12.

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