MLM Affiliate Marketing

Take action on these MLM Affiliate Marketing tips to make more money in your online MLM business.

MLM Affiliate Marketing – When you first start an online business it is easiest to make a start by promoting already existing products as an affiliate marketer. Then all you need to do is drive traffic rather than deal with complexities such as product creation and writing professional sales pages etc. MLM Affiliate marketing also gives you a certain amount of power because you just promote whatever it is that is converting best at the moment in time and send your traffic to that. So I would look for a business opportunity that lets you sell products as an affiliate rather than tells you to set it all up yourself.

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Training – It is important to have a solid foundation in your internet marketing training so that you can start going about generating leads & sales for your business. Most people jump between different strategies and training products and lack focus. So it is important to use one internet marketing training product and stick to one step by step process to avoid distraction and confusion. Make sure that the internet home business you join gives you all the training needed to succeed.

Top Tier Direct Sales Advantages – There is a high buy in price of many high ticket opportunities, and whilst at first you may see this as a disadvantage…it is actually an advantage. The more you pay to join a top tier opportunity, the harder you will work and the more committed you will be and as a result your chances of success are increased. The other key advantage is obviously the high commissions that you earn by selling expensive products. Just one or two sales a month is often enough to earn a full-time income with this business model.

High Ticket Upgrades – A network marketing system will have a low cost front end product, but the real money is made on the high ticket products in the upsell sequence. So after someone buys the initial product you can present one time offers that entice the customer to get even more value for a bit more money. Many buyers will choose to upgrade to this higher level product. Also, when someone buys your initial low cost product they can be placed on a seperate buyers list for your autoresponder follow up sequence. And in this follow up sequence you can present high ticket products in the $1,000+ range. This is where the big money is made.

YouTube – YouTube videos rank well for free Google traffic, but you also get YouTube views from the internal YouTube search itself. It is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world behind Google. To help get YouTube views, make an engaging video that adds value, write a keyword optimized heading and description, plus tags. And get some likes and comments on the video for social proof.

Tools – It is important that you have the tools needed to succeed in your internet network marketing company. I like to see a complete system in place so that you can just concentrate on the parts of your business that actually gets leads and makes sales. Look for pre-designed lead capture pages, sales pages, video presentations, website templates, and audio and video guides to help you and your team members.

Have A Method – It is good to have a method for each blog post that you write and how you promote it. A good method is to write one blog post per day around a long tail SEO keyword and then to take that post and share it via Facebook Groups and post it on Twitter. You can then use a social bookmarking service such as OnlyWire to automate the posting of that blog post to numerous other bookmarking sites for social backlinks. Then you can re-write that blog post as an article and submit to directories for article directory backlinks.

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