MLM Business Opportunities On The Internet That Make Money

MLM business opportunities on the internet that make money are hard to come by…but they do exist.

The best MLM business opportunities are those that provide you with turnkey marketing systems so that you can focus on just sending traffic to the offer and generating leads online.

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Monetize Your Leads – In order to make money with your blog it is essential to be sending your leads into a high converting sales funnel that gets as many people into your marketing system as possible. But you don’t just want to be making small one-off commissions so look to promote monthly recurring affiliate programs as well as top tier opportunities for the high ticket affiliate commissions.

Keep It Simple – When you first start out blogging, don’t get confused with complex keyword research, backlinking or Google rankings. Just write your blog posts and get them out there on the internet. And do this for a good 3 months and you should see some traffic come in. Don’t spend your time looking at the Google search engine to see where they are ranking just yet. Just move forward and blog daily.

Online Lead Generation – Focus all your activities in your online home based busines around driving traffic to a lead capture page in order to build your email list. The more traffic and leads you have arriving into your funnel, the more sales you will make providing you are promoting an offer that converts. Most people think it is the information product or business opportunity’s fault that they don’t make money online, but if they are not getting traffic and leads then they won’t make money with anything.

Turnkey Lead Capture Pages – Many turnkey internet business opportunities will give you a range of pre-designed lead capture pages to choose from. It is important to use these pages because they will be most congruent with the offer you are promoting and it saves you from faffing around trying to create your own pages. Normally you just embed your affiliate ID into these pages that there company will host on your behalf so you don’t even need to upload it to your own hosting account in most cases.

Membership Sites – Membership sites are an excellent way to earn high ticket commissions from an initial low price product sale. If the site is of high quality then the retention rate and lifetime customer value will be high. Popular membership site affiliate programs include PLR membership sites as well as drip feed marketing training sites.

Highest Paying Home Business Opportunities – Aim to sell high ticket products and services in 2013. It is not any extra work to earn thousands of dollars of commissions with one single sale, than it is to earn the same amount with hundreds of low ticket ebook sales. In fact it is much easier to find one serious entrepreneur who wants to invest big money into their business than it is to find hundreds of semi-broke people who want to buy a $37 Clickbank ebook.

Quality Products – Many MLM, network marketing and direct sales companies create “Junk” products just for the business opportunity. So the distributors end up buying junk to sell to other non-customers just for the sake of making money. No value is being exchanged. So in order for the company that you join to last the test of time, they need to have legitimate products of value that people will buy whether a business opportunity is attached to it or not.

Lead Generation – Where most people fail in their online business is that they do not generate leads. They then blame their business opportunity for their failure even though they have not done any work whatsoever to generate leads. It is not up to the business you join to get you leads. So in order for your home based business to be a success make sure that you learn how to market on the internet and generate daily leads. To help you get leads the biz opp should provide you with professional lead capture pages to use, but it is up to you to drive traffic to those pages.

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