Monetize Leads That Say No With The Best MLM Affiliate Programs

The best MLM affiliate programs will let you make money from your leads even if they say “no” to your primary online MLM business opportunity.

Make sure the MLM business opportunity and affiliate programs contain the following for the best chance of success:

No Cold Calling – Cold calling leads is an outdated form of multilevel network marketing and is not needed when you have the power of the internet available to use. So if cold calling leads, 3 way meetings, 3 way calls, hotel meetings etc. are part of the MLM training course then it is a bad sign.

Encourage A Community – Set up a support forum and a Facebook group for your team. This acts as a central place where you can provide leadership to your overall team in one go without having to deal with people one by one. It also allows your team members to help out and answer questions when you are not around. Provide regular video updates to your team to keep them motivated and on track.

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Proven Track Record – Only join network marketing companies in 2013 that have proof that people are getting excellent results with them. You will want to make sure it is the real deal and not a scam. Also, many companies come and go…often lasting no more than a few months in business. So it is also a good idea to join a business that has already been around for at least one year os so.

Join Online Network Marketing – With an online network marketing company it is usually a simple case as using online forms and payments methods to make a start rather than needing to go through a complex approval process. So have a look Google for the network marketing company of your choice and find a sponsor you connect with and join their team.

High Ticket Products – It is very important to have high ticket products as part of your sales funnel. Many people make the mistake thinking that $97 is a high ticket item! But you want to be having commissions in the thousands of dollars to really make your business take off. When you sell high ticket products you just need one sale and you can funded many paid advertising campaigns and then re-invest part of those earnings for more paid advertising, more high ticket sales, and to really grow your business faster than people trying to sell low ticket items with free marketing.

Video Marketing – YouTube video marketing is one of the best ways to get free network marketing leads. When people join network marketing online they don’t just do so because of the business opportunity, but because of the sponsor that they choose to join. So if you get yourself out there on video then people will come to trust you and see you as an authority in the industry. This is a form of attraction marketing and a very powerful way to leads for network marketing if you provide a call to action that instructs people to click the link below your video, which in turn leads to a lead capture page.

Business Opportunity Leads Generation Online – Again, when I was not earning a full-time income online I did not have an email list. Now I do. It is thought that each subscriber on an email list is worth $1 a month to you. I believe that to be quite acurate, and can be even higher when you promote high ticket affiliate products for the big commissions. So focus all you attention in an online business opportunity in 2013 on getting home business opportunity seeker leads and building your email list.

Learn Internet Marketing – As a network marketer it is essential that you fully educate yourself on how to drive traffic on the internet. Many marketers are caught up in the old school methods of cold calling leads, hotel presentations, and trying to recruit family and friends. But when you learn to tap into the automated nature of the internet a whole new world opens up to you. It is so much easier to recruit people into your network marketing business when you have a consistent flow of daily leads arriving on autopilot. With internet marketing you can place a paid ad and have leads arriving each day without any extra work, you can write some articles and blog posts and have traffic and leads coming from then each and every day. You do the work once and get traffic, leads, and sales over and over again.

MLM Affiliate Programs – Combining affiliate marketing and MLM marketing is a very good plan. Affiliate products can be sold in large quantities in an automated, hands-off way. And when this is combined with the MLM business model it can be very lucrative. MLM affiliate marketing programs are also very powerful because you can monetize the leads that are already in another opportunity by selling them training and tools that will help grow their business (via your affiliate link).

Call To Action – I have heard people complaining that click through rates on YouTube videos are really bad. Not if you provide a clear call to action. In my videos I specifically tell the viewer to click the link below the video and I point below the video with my hand just to make it clear! I sometimes even draw a big downwards pointing arrow and embed that into the video to really hammer home the message.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs – I am a big fan of high ticket affiliate programs because you only need to sell a few products each month to do very well. High ticket products are no harder to sell than low ticket ebooks. You just need to market to the right audience who have the money to spend. High ticket products in your affiliate sales funnel can also mean it is easier to make paid advertising profitable. With just one sale of a high ticket product you can fund your campaign and take a chunk of the profits to put back into more and more paid ads to scale your business.

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