My Commission Bootcamp Review – $500 Per Day Scam?

Hey, My Commission Bootcamp Review sees if you can make $500/day with the system or if it’s a scam?

my commission bootcamp review

As part of this review of My Commission Bootcamp we will look at the tricks used on the sales page, what the system entails, and also my top tips for how to see success in the affiliate marketing industry.

I work from home full-time doing digital marketing (is pretty cool!) and have been doing so for 8 years.

So I hope my thoughts on My Commission Bootcamp will be of help to you as you conduct your own research.

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My Commission Bootcamp Review – CPA Affiliate Offer

In this My Commission Bootcamp review I shall start off by saying I first noticed this offer in my email inbox after other affiliate marketers started promoting it.

Commission Bootcamp is a CPA Offer.

This stands for Cost Per Action (or Acquisition) and product vendors offer high upfront payouts to affiliates that refer them new customers.

Whilst the cost of My Commission Bootcamp is $47 or $37, the company will pay out around $60 to affiliate for making the sale.

They can afford to pay out more than the actual product is worth because of the additional upsells as part of the sales funnel, where customers will be invited to upgrade to more expensive products & services.

So there is likely to be quite a bit of hype and buzz surrounding this offer right now because of all the affiliates sending out emails to try and get their nice upfront CPA commission payouts.

My Commission Bootcamp Review – $500/Day at Home?

My Commission Bootcamp is an affiliate marketing system that teaches members how to make money by promoting other peoples products on the internet.

my commission bootcamp

The sales page claims that $500/day can be made.

Is that realistic or does it just mean a My Commission Bootcamp Scam?

I don’t think My Commission Bootcamp is a scam, but the typical newbie is not going to make $500 per day on the internet.

It takes time to learn the ropes of how everything works and to work at improving your internet marketing abilities over time.

Some of the top members may be reaching that amount, but they are likely to already have big email lists that they can mail affiliate offers to.

Those that are just getting started need to approach this with more realistic expectations and be prepared to take the time to learn how everything works.

Sales Page Tricks on

In this My Commission Bootcamp review, let us know look at some of the tactics used on the system sales page to try and get visitors to make a purchase right away.

They do a hardselling approach to try and grab the sale instantly.

That is to increase the earnings per click (EPC) that affiliate marketers will generate by promoting the product, and thus make more and more people want to promote it too!

Here are some of the main sales tricks used:

  1. Income claim in the heading – they have an exciting $500/day claim in the headline to try and catch visitor attention.
  2. Countdown timer – to give a sense of anticipation and scarcity to encourage the sale to be completed right away.
  3. Vague Sales Page – they do not give out much details on how the product actually works, meaning visitors will want to purchase the product to find out the “secret” strategy being used!
  4. Customer Testimonials – The My Commission Bootcamp customer “reviews” look scripted as though they have hired actors to act as representations for what is possible to achieve in the affiliate marketing industry.
  5. News Footage – they have used news tv station footage in the sales page to try and give their website the feeling of authority and legitimacy, where as the news presenters are not actually specifically refer to this program but rather the work from home industry in general.
  6. Commission Bootcamp Discount – They claim that visitors will get the product at a special discounted rate if they complete checkout there and then.

Summary of My Commission Bootcamp Review

Commission Bootcamp provides affiliate marketing training and a system to help get people started making money from home.

In my Commission Bootcamp review I highlight some of the hardselling sales tactics used to try and get people to buy this affiliate offer right away.

However, despite all the hype I am a big believer in learning how to do affiliate marketing and this may well be a good starting point.

It is all about learning how to advertise online with strategies such as blogging, YouTube, and email marketing.

And then diverting those visitors to systems and landing pages where you can build your email list whilst promoting other peoples products.

When done right it can make for a predictable way to generate residual income from home, but more realistic expectations are needed than the quick & easy vibe the My Commision Bootcamp website gives off.

Thanks for checking out my review!

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