My Home Cash Club Review – $500 Per Day Scam?

Hiya, in this review of My Home Cash Club we will see if it really makes $500/day or is it just a My Home Cash Club Scam?

My Home Cash Club Review – Ecom CPA Offer

My Home Cash Club is a new business opportunity CPA (cost per action) affiliate offer that is supposed to teach customers how to make money with their own dropshipping ecommerce website.

This review of My Home Cash Club will take a look at the tricks they use to try and get people to buy the product, as well as give my thoughts on the CPA Marketing and Ecom industries in general.

I have been working from home in the online biz world for a good few years now so have seen tons these type of product launches come and go.

So I hope my quick thoughts on this latest offering will be of help!

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My Home Cash Club Review – Scam or Legit?

In this My Home Cash Club review I will first talk a bit about CPA marketing.

This is where an affiliate marketer will earn a commission by referring someone else to buy the product.

They usually get paid around $70 or so to sell a $47 product.

The vendor is prepared to pay more upfront in order to acquire a new customer so that they can sell them more products on the backend.

In fact, many of these dropshipping coaching programs have very high ticket services as part of them costing thousands of dollars.

There is nothing wrong with affiliate marketing (it is what I do and is a very cool way to work at home!), but I am not keen on the hyped-up CPA offers where they make big income claims with testimonials that look as though they are not coming from actual customers but instead paid actors.

My Home Cash Club may not be a scam, since if they provide high quality training on the ecommerce marketing industry for just $47 then the customer might feel they have got good value for my money.

I am just not convinced that high ticket products costing thousands of dollars (if that is eventually part of the sales funnel) is the best way for someone to get involved in this industry by spending so much up front.

How Does My Home Cash Club Work?

My Home Cash Club works by providing an education to the customer on how to start their own website that promotes ecommerce products.

This uses the dropshipping business model where a company is used to fulfill the order on your behalf.

So you can sell a product without even having it in stock in the first place.

You simply use part of the payment you just got from the customer to pay a dropshipping company to send the item directly to them without you having to handle the stock.

Shopify is one of the main services that let’s people create websites like this and My Home Cash Club aims to provide training to people to get them started with this business model.

Sometimes “coaching” programs like this try and sell you high priced services on the backend to create “done for you” websites or for more advanced training.

But I don’t think it is good for most beginners to spend thousands upfront when they do not fully understand the business model.

I think it is better to take your time at consistently building up your own website over the coming weeks and months with free strategies and your own trial and error.

There is also the manner of promoting your website, i.e getting traffic.

The sales video presentation of the My Home Cash Club website makes it sound like your online store will already be up and running and making money just by you activating it.

But that is not the case.

You will first need to learn a number of internet advertising strategies (social media marketing, email marketing, videos, blogging, SEO, paid traffic etc.) in order to effectively promote your website to get visitors that you can then sell these products to.

It is not the website itself that makes money, but how well you promote it.

My Home Cash Club Testimonials – Are They Real?

Are the My Home Cash Club testimonials real reviews from people who are actually customers of this system?

A lot of these sales presentations embed video reviews from people that look like they are actors reading from a script so I am never keen on those type of videos.

In this particular sales page, however, the narrator simply reports some income “proof” of a few people who have supposedly achieved success with the system.

But there is not much evidence to back-up these claims such as screenshots of the results or the email/social media post where the customer first posted the testimonial.

And then there are a number of photographs of people below the video with an income claim posted beside each one.

These figures sound very high for a typical newbie to achieve.

Whilst it is possible to generate good money quickly with an internet business, for the typical newbie it takes a good bit of trial/error and failure first before momentum starts to pick up.

So I am also skeptical of the claims of big income like this as it is never quite as easy as they make out.

My Home Cash Club Review Summary – Yes or No?

To finish off this My Home Cash Club review, whilst there may be some useful training on how to get started in the dropshipping business there are several things about the website I am not keen on.

First of all is a bit of fake scarcity:

  • Spaces Remaining – They claim that limited spaces remain in your geographical area with a countdown timer. But in my experience this is just to try and pressure the visitor to buy the product right away. The offer still tends to be up and running if you revisit it again the next day.
  • Discount Claims – The website claims that the product is now just $47, reduced from the usual price of $197. Again, it is my experience that these type of offers are never sold at the higher price but they want to make people feel that they are getting a great deal to convince them to buy the offer right away.

And then the income claims are a bit unbelievable to expect a typical beginner to achieve since it takes time to start seeing success with a new website.

In any case, not saying it is a scam because if people learn a lot about this business model and are sent away with some effective strategies to apply then it may be worth their money.

But I would be weary of any additional offers to spend thousands of dollars on this type of program as I don’t think beginners should be spending that much upfront just to get started in something.

I hope my thoughts were of help as you do your research on My Home Cash Club.

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