My Home Cash Club (2020) Review – Real Program?

Welcome to this My Home Cash Club review.

My Home Cash Club (2020) is a money making website affiliate offer, but does it actually work with this ecommerce business model or is there a My Home Cash Club scam?

My Home Cash Club testimonials make some pretty outlandish income claims on their sales page. It it looks like these reviews of My Home Cash Club may well have been from paid actors reading from a script.

Not saying it is a scam, because if My Home Cash Club provides useful training on how to get your own ecommerce website started then it might be worth the entrance fee that they charge.

But there are quite a few “red flags” in terms of the hype, income claims, and fake scarcity featured on the sales page.

I also talk about similar techniques being used in the Website ATM and Profit Point Autonomy programs.

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