My Lead Gen Secret Review – Legit 100 Leads Per Day?

Looking for a My Lead Gen Secret Review?

You are in the right place! In this My Lead Gen Secret review (2020) we will take a quick look at this program that claims to give you 100 to 200 business opportunity leads per day for online results.

My Lead Gen Secret also has an affiliate program so we will go over how that works as well.

my lead gen secret

I work from home as a full-time digital marketer and am experienced in online lead generation with both paid and free strategies.

Therefore I hope my thoughts will be of some help to you!

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My Lead Gen Secret Review – 100 to 200 Leads Per Day?

In this My Lead Gen Secret review, I will first confirm that I became a paying member of this program to see how it worked.

Although I am not a member any more.

They did indeed provide 100 business opportunity leads per day.

And I could mail these leads with their system mailer.

There was also the option to download the leads and mail them with your own system or another email service.

You are able to get bumped up to 200 Leads Per Day with My Lead Gen Secret if you refer another member to the system via your affiliate link.

So you get between 3000 and 6000 leads per month to use to promote products in the home business, MLM, network marketing, work from home type of space.

My Lead Gen Secret Review – Legit Leads?

My Lead Gen Secret does appear to provide legitimate and real leads.

However, these are not going to be as responsive as leads you generate yourself with your own blog or YouTube channel.

These subscribers will be getting tons of emails from other marketers so the open and click rates are going to be lower than with leads you generated yourself with your own marketing.

So it might take a while to get lots of leads in your account and will require you to email them every single day until any results start to come through.

Still for $30/month you certainly do get lots of leads for your money.

My Lead Gen Secret Tracking Stats

My Lead Gen Secret mailer stats did not look quite right when I gave it a go myself.

I have seen other people report the same online.

(However, some of the same people commenting on the weird stats are also reporting that they are achieving some My Lead Gen Secret results with sales popping up via Clickbank or other affiliate networks.)

Their system mailer would quote quite a few opens and clicks, but then when I looked at the tracking stats for my lead capture page or affiliate link that I sent them to it recorded zero visitors.

However, getting no clicks (or just a few) from just a few hundred cold leads like this is not unusual so it is going to take you building up to the thousands of leads before consistent clicks or sales may start to come through.

In my research and noticed that some people are reporting sales and success with promoting Clickbank and WarriorPlus products to these leads. As well as the MLGS affiliate program itself.

I believe them. But it is hard to plan for marketing activities when the real world clicks you get from their system mailer stats to not match up with the stats you get at your end.

My Lead Gen Secret Affiliate Program and Compensation Plan

My Lead Gen Secret has an affiliate program that enables you to earn commissions by referring others to the program.

The My Lead Gen Secret affiliate program pays out across multiple tiers as part of the My Lead Gen Secret compensation plan.

So as your own referrals go onto generate sales themselves then a small part of those monthly recurring subscriptions will go to you.

There is also an upsell as soon as someone joins My Lead Gen Secret and you get paid on that.

It is a one time product upsell that consists of “done for you” email swipes that have been proven to get high open and click rates. That way you do not need to spend time writing your own emails.

In addition to the commissions, you also can double your daily lead allocation to 200 by referring another user to the system and to make sure that you always have at least 1 active paying member that you have referred as an affiliate.

My Lead Gen Secret Review – Worth a Try?

My Lead Gen Secret does appear to be a legitimate program, but I decided not to continue with it because the tracking stats displayed on the system mailer did not seem quite right.

For just $30/month, it is very cheap and if you generate a few new subscribers to your own email list and make a sale every now and then then it will be worth that price.

However, these are cold “co-reg” type of leads.

So lots of other people will also be mailing them and the response will be low.

But that is why it is so cheap and many people do very well with these type of leads if they know their numbers and ensure that they are getting better results than they are paying for.

I would, however, recommend that people learn how to generate their own traffic and leads without just relying on a lead generation service like this.

Starting your own blog and YouTube channel is a great start for free traffic.

And solo ads for quicker (but colder) paid traffic.

And then it might be worth experimenting with supplementing your daily lead flow with something like My Lead Gen Secret.

In any case, thanks for stopping by this My Lead Gen Secret review!

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