My Six Figure Blueprint Review – Yes or No?

In this review, we will explore My Six Figure Blueprint, a business opportunity in the field of internet marketing. I’m Adam from Web Traffic Toolkit, and I have been generating a full-time income online for over 10 years. My focus has been on traffic generation and list building with affiliate marketing. Throughout the years, I have seen numerous systems come and go, and I hope to share my insights with you as you research My Six Figure Blueprint.

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An Overview of My Six Figure Blueprint

My Six Figure Blueprint is a direct sales, home-based business opportunity where instead of making payments to the company or a marketplace, you pay your sponsor directly. This approach differs from traditional models where payments are made to the company. When you refer others to the system, they will make an initial payment to you as their sponsor. In addition, there is a separate admin fee payment that goes to the company.

To receive payments, you need to set up your own vendor account and connect it with platforms like PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Bitcoin, or a credit card processing vendor. While this direct payment method allows for quick retrieval of advertising spend, it also requires managing customer support, refunds, and chargebacks, which can impact your reputation with your merchant account.

Six Figure Blueprint Product and Levels

My Six Figure Blueprint is an internet marketing system that offers marketing capture pages, tools, and training resources. The product suite includes a combination of capture pages, resale rights, and a library of internet marketing training materials.

There are various levels within My Six Figure Blueprint, ranging from the feeder level at $15 to the highest level at $400. Each level includes additional marketing tools, customization options for lead capture pages, an email autoresponder, and an extensive library of training resources. The primary reason for upgrading to higher levels is to qualify for resale rights and earn higher commissions. However, it’s important to note that in this system, you must purchase a product before being able to promote it, which may not appeal to some affiliate marketers accustomed to promoting products without making an initial purchase.

Six Figure Blueprint Commission Structure and Pass-Ups

The commission structure of My Six Figure Blueprint involves earning around 30% of each product’s cost directly and passing up 30% to your sponsor. Similarly, when someone you refer makes a sale, you receive 30% of the product cost. While pass-ups may seem appealing, especially for team builders, it’s crucial to recognize that the majority of your income will come from your own efforts rather than pass-up commissions. As a beginner or someone without a large team, you may not experience many pass-ups, but you will be required to pass up a significant portion of your earnings to your sponsor.

This system heavily emphasizes team building and network marketing, which may not align with the preferences of affiliate marketers seeking a more hands-off approach. Success in this model depends on your ability to build and train a team, engage with social media, conduct webinars, and establish a community.

Evaluating My Six Figure Blueprint

My Six Figure Blueprint may not be suitable for everyone due to its pass-up commission structure and the requirement to purchase products before promoting them. The generic sales page provided by the system alone is unlikely to convert visitors into sales, necessitating the creation of your own funnel or pre-sale content to promote the offer effectively. Connecting with people, leveraging webinars, videos, and creating a customized funnel or bridge page are essential for success with this opportunity.

In my personal approach to generating a full-time income online, I prioritize traffic generation and list building. By building a targeted email list, you gain the ability to promote any offer you choose and send clicks to high-converting affiliate programs. If you are interested in exploring my number one recommended online system, click the link in the video description. It provides a complete, done-for-you system that can assist you in getting started with traffic generation, building your email list, and establishing a realistic income online.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of My Six Figure Blueprint. I wish you all the best and hope to speak with you soon.

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