Network Marketing Recruiting Success Tips For The Internet

Network Marketing Recruiting Success: cool tips to help you recruit more people into your internet network marketing business.

Social Networking – In 2013 I believe that social networking is an essential aspect of how to earn money blogging by writing blog posts. It is hard to get high Google rankings and this is especially the case after recent Google algorithm updates. So to take matters into your own hands take each blog post that you write and post it to Facebook and tweet it on Twitter. You can also go to relevant Facebook Groups and post the link to your blog post on the Wall. This gets you traffic instantly without having to rank on Google.

Use social media marketing no matter your biz opp, whether it be Avon, Amway, Synergy Worldwide, Goji Juice, Monavie, Market America, Profit Clicking, Herbalife, Amway, Visalus, Empower Network, Arbonne etc.

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Send To A Lead Capture Page – It is often beneficial to you as an affiliate marketer to send your traffic to a squeeze page that is encoded with your affiliate link. That means even if the visitor does not purchase something right away, they will still be on the email list of the vendor and thus if they do decide to purchase at a later date then you will get credit for those sales.

Warrior Forum Classifieds Ads Section – Many of the best solo ads clicks providers advertise right here on the Warrior Forum. In this forum enviroment you also get to see testimonials and reviews of customers who have used the service. It is therefore obvious to see which solo ads get results and which do not. You could buy solo ads for MCA, Oriflame, Xango, Herbalife, Prepaid Legal, Global Resorts Network, Advocare, Isagenix, MPB Today, Lightyear Wireless, Freelife, Bidify, Tupperware etc.

Create Your Own Squeeze Page – Many solo ads sales pages say that they reject a certain offer but that might not be specifically because they have a problem with the company in question, just that that they have already sent that same offer to their list several times before. So my advice would be to learn how to create your own lead capture page that does not even mention your primary offering until the next page and follow-up email sequence. I often use the copy & paste squeeze page template provided by Daegan Smith in Solo Ads Secrets.

Keep It Simple – When you first start out blogging, don’t get confused with complex keyword research, backlinking or Google rankings. Just write your blog posts and get them out there on the internet. And do this for a good 3 months and you should see some traffic come in. Don’t spend your time looking at the Google search engine to see where they are ranking just yet. Just move forward and blog daily.

Monthly Recurring Commissions – An excellent way to build a monthly residual income using is to promote monthly affiliate products that don’t just pay you once, but each and every month. Clickbank has some monthly recurring membership sites you can promote, or you could set up your own membership site. Selling one single membership site subscription is the equivalent of selling at least 6 to 12 one-off affiliate sales, depending on how long that customer stays a member for.

Long Tail Traffic – I still think a product review site can work in 2012 after Google Penguin, but make it a really helpful site that has loads of content. So post hundreds of pages of information about the content. Each page can target a slightly different long tail product keyword. Add a new post every day and over time Google will really become to associate your site as an authority on that product. This is so much easier than depending on getting just one page ranked for a handful of keywords.

Competition – If lots of other people are consistently promoting the same business opportunities in the same ezine publications, website banners, PPC campaigns, solo ads listings etc. then that is a good sign that it works. Many people get put off by this and think it means the business oppportunity is saturated. But I see it as an excellent opportunity to take advantage of all the free exposure all these other marketers are creating for you.

High Ticket Products – Make sure there are high ticket products as part of the sales funnel that you are promoting. And make sure there is a sales funnel in the first place! It is very hard to make a living by selling thousands of $37 ebooks, but you can do very well with just a few high ticket affiliate product sales.

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