Next At Home Job (2020) Review – Scam or Legit?

Hey, it’s my Next At Home Job (2020) Review.

Welcome to my review of Next At Home Job.

Next At Home Job (2020) is a new affiliate program in the “business opportunity” marketplace.

Lots of marketers will be emailing their list about this product, so perhaps you received an email about it?

Next At Home Job website at is not actually a work from home job that you apply for, but rather an information product that teaches you affiliate marketing.

This is where you place advertisements online to generate website traffic, and then promote other peoples products (in return for commissions) with that traffic that you generate.

Affiliate marketing is great (it is what I do!), but in my Next At Home Job review I am not sure that this is a particularly great introduction to the business model..

The fact that the testimonials look like they are actors reading from a script is an initial red flag.

I am also not keen on the hype and income claims, and the fact that they have framed this offer as a job application rather than an affiliate marketing system, are all things that are quite off putting.

In any case, I hope my video overview was useful about Next At Home Job.

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