Online Consistent Money System – Is OCM Legit?

Welcome to my review about Online Consistent Money System.

I’ve noticed one of the trends in the internet marketing space right now is the direct sales style business opportunities where your customers pay you directly and then pay a separate admin fee to the company.

Online Consistent Money System is another one of those direct sales Biz Ops.

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Online Consistent Money System Review

Online Consistent Money System gives you a done-for-you sales funnel to promote this online business opportunity.

It’s built around traffic packages as the product. I’ve recently done a review on a company called Traffic Authority, which is essentially about reselling solo ads traffic and this reminds me a bit of that, where the product is the traffic.

They do have some internet marketing training ebooks on how to do marketing packaged into it. They’ve got the separate internet marketing training products and also the traffic packages and then there’s also the online business opportunity surrounding that where you can make money as an affiliate by reselling these same products.

Online Consistent Money – Direct Payment to Sponsor

It’s one of those types of opportunities where you do not pay the company directly. You make two separate payments.

I find these opportunities a bit complicate. As a customer, I don’t really like going for these extra steps.

You’ve got to pay the affiliate directly so you’ve got to arrange how they want to receive their payment.

A lot of these programs use merchant accounts or you’re sending a check to them or some sort of money wire, possibly PayPal, Cash App or Venmo. It depends on how they want to get paid and you have to figure out how to pay them directly and then a separate admin fee is paid to the company.

The Online Consistent Money System company makes their money from the admin fee, and the commissions of the product are paid directly to the affiliate.

It is a slightly complicated extra step that your customers are going to have to go through to make the sale.

I personally prefer just a simple add to cart button for my customer. They just fill in their credit card details and the payment is handled by the company or an affiliate network that then pays me every couple of week.

I prefer not handling the payments coming directly into a merchant account. That’s just my personal preference.

The Online Consistent Money System Funnel

The way the system works is you get a done for you sales funnel system.

This starts off with a squeeze page to send your traffic to, people entering their email address, and then being redirect to a sales video presentation.

There’s multiple steps to click through to some more sales video presentations, testimonials, and a text sales page just to let you know a bit more about how the system works.

Finally, the customers are led to this page that describes how you pay and how you get your system set up once you’ve done that.

There are quite a few steps and hoops to jump through before you are fully set up with the system.

Online Consistent Money System Affiliate Program – $800 to $4,000 Per Sale

Online Consistent Money System (OCM) is quite a high ticket product opportunity, with the lowest product you earn $800 per sale for a $1,000 product with the rest of that payment going towards the admin fee.

The highest package level is a $5,000 payment from the customer, which pays $4,000 to the affiliate.

The catch with this is that you have to purchase the products you want to resell. If you want to earn $4,000 dollar commissions you have to purchase the $5,000 traffic package.

You are buying resale rights to the system and the traffic once you purchase these levels.

I’m not that keen on the opportunities where you have to first purchase the product in order to qualify for the resale rights as part of the Online Consistent Money System affiliate program.

I believe as an affiliate you should still earn commissions on products your customers purchase whether you’ve purchased a product yourself as a customer or not.

The same sort of business model is used with the Profits Passport Affiliate System.

Online Consistent Money (OCM) Traffic Packages

However, the good thing about Online Consistent Money System is the traffic packages can be used to promote anything so you’re not limited to just promoting the OCM System itself with the traffic. You can use it to promote other opportunities you are in and you can also use the training to promote other opportunities you are in.

With the Marketing System itself you are going to have to use that to resell the system.

That’s the business opportunity part of it: you’re paying for the marketing system to resell the same system you’ve just purchased.

But at least the product literally promotes other things and you can customize what you promote.

You can also use the training to apply it elsewhere.

When a business opportunity gives you training that can be applied to marketing outside the system itself, then I think that’s a thumbs up and good to see.

They also have another phone team sales approach to this like other programs such as Digital Wealth Pros and Postcard Tycoon, which I’ve seen recently.

They invite you to call a number where a sales agent will help your customers get setup and encourage them to buy the high ticket packages.

A lot of these high ticket direct sales opportunities have a phone number involved and a sales agent to help close the sale on your behalf.

Also, with a system like this that is based around traffic I would like to test it with a small amount of clicks and see if I can see what my opt-in rate is to my squeeze page and my sales conversion rate as well.

Personally I would not want to commit to the My Online Consistent Money product that is traffic by spending $5,000 all in one go. I would rather spend $100 or $200 just to test the traffic and see if it works and then scale up over time if the results look good.

Summary of Online Consistent Money Review

I am not that keen on these done for you traffic Systems. I prefer to generate my own traffic with buying solo ads from my own vendors and doing YouTube videos and blog posts.

I prefer to do it my own way and I in my experience that tends to work out better than these done for you systems that hand everything to you on a plate.

Those type of systems, where they give you done for you leads or done for you traffic, in my experience they have been too good to be true.

If you use My Online Consistent Money system and then tweak it slightly to do your own marketing: your own social media, your own blogging, your own videos, buy traffic from other sources…those type of people tend to get the good results.

When they just follow the exact system step by step system with the exact same provided traffic support sources as everyone else is using then it is hard to get results.

When they use their own initiative and get traffic from outside sources with lower competition methods then there is a better chance of good results with this.

This system may not for the typical newbie as this is quite a high ticket product to get started with, however at the lower levels maybe they’ll be some value.

Online Consistent Pay gives you a done for you system, training and some traffic to help you get started building an email list and promoting these products .

Anyhow, thanks a lot for checking out my Online Consistent Money System review.

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