Online Vending Machine from The Modern Millionaires?

I have seen lots of people ask what the online vending machine business model actually means so I thought I’d let you know by sharing my experience from the internet marketing world and give you my opinion about online vending machines and how this all works.

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Online Vending Machine – What Does It Mean?

What The Modern Millionaires have done is that they’ve created this “online vending machine” phrase that’s kind of like an exciting branding sentence to get people excited about their training course.

The have used the term “online vending machines” to describe the process of doing marketing on behalf of business owners.

This is local business owners, whom you learn to generate leads for. You’re doing advertising on the internet and The Modern Millionaires training course tends to focus on social media marketing platforms such as Facebook.

You do marketing in local areas based on people’s geographical location with the Facebook advertising targeting options. Then you are capturing leads by using lead capture pages and you are funneling these leads to your client.

Your clients can either pay you per lead that you generate or they can give you a monthly retainer and hire you as a digital digital marketing agency to generate leads for them.

The Modern Millionaires Training Course

There’s lots of different approaches to local marketing. The Modern Millionaires and the online vending machine approach is basically a training course to teach you how to start your own digital marketing agency by running Facebook lead generation advertising for local business owners and you’ll be learning how to do cold calling to local business owners to get them to hire you as a lead generator.

This same method is also taught in other courses that I have reviewed recently, including Jeff Baxter Marketing, Digital Lead Investing, Remote Integrator, Jeff Lerner training and more.

Online Vending Machine Price

The Modern Millionaires product is a high ticket course, meaning the price is quite expensive. I believe it’s a couple of thousand dollars to go through this high level training. Therefore, it is designed for higher level entrepreneurs and preferably people with already bit of success, with their own businesses or careers so that they’ve got the expendable money to invest in this kind of program.

Online Vending Machine Local Lead Generation

Learning this digital marketing approach of lead generation on Facebook for local business clients is a very popular topic with these online courses nowadays.

That’s quite good to see, because in the past a lot of these digital marketing product launches are focused on just getting the resale rights to a sales funnel and you’re just promoting the same sales funnel you came through to others. It is refreshing to see you are actually promoting real businesses in the real world and getting leads for them.

It’s a really good skill to have, and once you’ve learned to do this form of lead gen, you can apply this strategy to any other businesses you want, either online or offline.

It just takes a bit of action-taking to get out there and approach lots of business owners and show them what you can do to try and get them on board, paying you a monthly fee.

The Modern Millionaires Review Summary

In summary of this The Modern Millionaires review, the online vending machine term is just a quirky little catch phrase to describe the method of local digital marketing with Facebook ads and then getting monthly retainers from your clients.

What I do in my online business is a slightly different approach.

I don’t do local marketing. I do digital marketing with lead generation on the internet with methods such as video marketing and blog posts, search engine optimization and also buying email advertising with solo ads.

It’s all focused on driving traffic to a lead capture page, building my email list and focusing on getting lots of clicks per day from that email list to offers where I earn nice commissions from digital products.

So I have got a slightly different approach to The Modern Millionaires Online Vending Machine strategy, and if you want to learn a bit more about how I do my digital marketing to earn a full-time income online, then you can visit the page below to discover a complete done-for-you system for list building and promoting digital products.

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