OPM Wealth Review – Bitcoin MLM System Scam?

It’s my OPM Wealth Review – a legitimate business opportunity or a Other People’s Money bitcoin MLM system scam?

OPM Wealth system is an MLM / direct sales business opportunity based around bitcoin and digital finance education produts.

In this OPM Wealth review we will take a look at the products, compensation plan, and the type of business model that this “Other Peoples Money” system uses.

I am not an OPM Wealth affiliate for this program and I am not promoting it as part of this blog post.

This is the opinions of an outsider looking in.

I do, however, do digital marketing working from home and have been doing so for quite a few years.

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OPM Wealth Review – Bitcoin MLM?

OPM Wealth says they are not a bitcoin MLM business opportunity, although the compensation plan does have multiple tiers involved so it does have that sort of feel about it in any case.

In this OPM Wealth review, let’s first talk about what Other People’s Money actually means.

opm wealth

In the context of this system they are referring to taking out a business loan in order to invest into a high ticket business opportunity.

So part of the program is to work on your credit score.

And then they encourage people to take out loans in order to invest in the various high ticket levels that they have available as part of their sales funnel.

That is not to say it is an OPM Wealth scam, but I am not a fan of these very high ticket business opportunities so I am not involved in it.

Also, for a beginner I don’t think it is a good idea to go into debt to invest in a business opportunity or into cryptocurrencies as they are very high risk.

There are plenty of other lower cost ways to get your education in the online business / financial world than having to part with thousands of dollars upfront.

OPM Wealth Review – Getting Results?

Some OPM Wealth testimonials posted elsewhere online may well be reporting some big commissions that people have been generating with this system.

However, it is important to note that most of the people that make big money with this program are going to be experienced entrepreneurs that already have a big following.

These people can simply post on social media or send an email out to the thousands of people already following them in order to quickly recoup their investment and then get into a profit.

But the typical newbie is going to struggle to make back their investment, because it takes a lot of time in order to build up your audience and learn the appropriate skills in order to be able to get lots of visitors to your sales pages.

And after a while these systems can get saturated.

This saturation makes it very hard for beginners to make any sales, whilst many of the experienced marketers whom already have big email lists will simply jump to a new program and start mailing out for that instead.

OPM Wealth Products

The OPM Wealth products are digital training guides on the topics of: finance, improving credit score, online business, personal development, and cryptocurrency investing.

There are a number of different packages as part of OPM Wealth product suite: Hermes, Apollo, Athena, Poseidon, Zeus.

The cost of these levels ranges from $2,000 all the way up to $27,500.

So it is a very high ticket, top tier direct sales business opportunity.

OPM Wealth Compensation Plan

The OPM Wealth affiliate program let’s people earn commissions as part of the MLM style OPM Wealth Compensation Plan.

All payments are made with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin.

The affiliate programs pays out across 2 levels.

So members will earn around 60% commissions by selling packages that range from 2K to 27.5K.

And then if members they refer to the program go onto make their own sales, it seems the sponsor gets a 15% or so cut of that as well.

Apparently, they are letting people earn 100% commissions if they sell the products themselves, rather than the 60% to 70% commissions of the OPM Wealth sales team close them on the behalf of the affiliate.

As with many of these type of high ticket programs, they expect people to become a customer of the product before they qualify for the rights to resell it as a distributor.

I am not a fan of those type of programs where you have to spend a ton of money just to qualify for resell rights.

However, as with other opportunities out there it is likely to be the case that you can qualify to earn commissions without purchase requirements. But that would require you to forfeit a certain amount of initial sales that you will earn zero commissions for.

That alternative method of qualification is more likely to be in the small print though, as they are going to want you to buy the products first in order to make those big commissions from you.

OPM Wealth Review Summary – Scam or Legit?

In summary of my OPM Wealth review it is hard to say if it is a scam, but I am not keen on the sound of encouraging people to take out loans in order to invest into cryptocurrencies and online business opportunities.

That sort of approach sounds like it is better suited to experienced business people who know what they are doing rather than the typical online newbie that will be looking at this program.

OPM Wealth products are educational in nature so there may well be a lot to learn in there. But they are very expensive.

I think learning about affiliate marketing is a great thing to do.

But there is an initial learning curve and it takes time and effort to consistently do your marketing until you are finally generating enough traffic to get daily sales.

I would encourage beginners to gain their education at a lower cost and to focus on the importance on traffic and lead generation.

That way you can be flexible with what products you want to promote with the traffic you generate, instead of being tied into one single top tier business opportunity that you are desperately trying to recoup your investment in.

Anyhow, I hope my initial thoughts of the OPM Wealth system were of help to you.

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