Paid 2 Post System Review – $9,473 Link Posting Scam?

My Paid 2 Post System Review – legit system gets $9,473 posting links online or a Paid 2 Post System scam?

Paid 2 Post System Review – Clickbetter Affiliate Offer

In my review of Paid 2 Post System we will look at this “make money online” product that is sold via the Clickbetter Platform.

Paid 2 Post system presents itself a bit like and online job and says you can make $9K/Month by posting links online.

But is that just hype and fluff?

I will use my 8 years of experience working from home in the internet marketing world to give my opinions on the offer in this blog post.

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Paid 2 Post System Review – Posting Links Online?

Paid 2 Post System is an affiliate offer that claims to show people how to make money online by posting links.

Infact, the sale page makes it sound like it is a work from home job that you apply for!

paid 2 post

But in this Paid 2 Post System Review, it certainly looks like this is a program that teaches members how to make money from affiliate marketing.

This is where you do online advertising in order to get visitors to your website.

And then from there you divert them to the sales page that you are promoting.

Any sales that are made are tracked back to your affiliate link and you earn a commission.

But affiliate marketing is more complicated than the Paid 2 Post System makes out.

It is a long term process with no guarantees of earning an income like with a job.

And it is more than just posting links.

It is about learning how to effectively advertise online and generate website traffic via strategies such as blogging, video and email marketing, social media etc.

Is Paid 2 Post System A Scam?

Not sure that Paid 2 Post System is a scam, because if they teach members the basics of how to advertise affiliate offers by posting online advertisements then people may feel they got their $17 worth.

But the way the sales page is presented, you would think you are applying for a work from home job where you are guaranteed to get paid after posting so and so amount of links.

But there are no guarantees with affiliate marketing!

It can be built into a nice residual income when done properly, but it is about doing your marketing efficiently and effectively.

It is not a quantity based thing, where the more you do the more you earn.

It is a results based industry so you need to generate sales in order to get your commissions.

Paid 2 Post System – My Affiliate Marketing Tips

Paid 2 Post System by David Humphries is an information product that teaches you affiliate marketing advertising strategies.

However, instead of just posting lots of links online a more structured and professional approach to things is needed to see consistent results.

What worked for me in the affiliate marketing world (after an initial few years of struggle) was to plug-in to internet marketing sales funnel systems that promote affiliate offers.

These systems should be based around email list building, which is one of the most effective ways to build a stable income online.

So the main income producing activity that you can focus on is doing advertising online to send visitors to the lead capture page as part of your system.

Then the visitor enters in their email address and will be redirected to a sales page of a product you are promoting via your affiliate link.

It is all about getting more and more daily leads and more and more daily clicks to your affiliate sales pages.

It can be a fun and enjoyable process, but not a quick and easy fix to making money online.

Summary Of Paid 2 Post System Review

In summary of my review of Paid 2 Post System by David Humphries, it is an information product that teaches beginners how they could earn affiliate commissions by promoting the products of other people/companies on the internet.

Paid 2 Post System does not, however, provide a guaranteed income like a job.

It teaches affiliate marketing. And this business approach needs to be learnt over time and there is often an initial period of trial/error and failure before someone gets to the stage of producing consistent commissions.

Thanks for taking a look at my Paid 2 Post System review.

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